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Vornado 530B 3 Speed Compact Air Circulator Review

Updated on July 31, 2010

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“I bought this after I saw my coworker use it at work. I use it in my office and I have had great results. Since it’s not a fan, but an air circulator, you get a breeze throughout the entire room. In my opinion this works better than a regular fan. I highly recommend this.”

“I love the Vornado 530B 3 Speed Compact Air Circulator. It circulates air throughout the entire room so no matter where I’m at in the room I will feel the breeze. In conjunction with my window unit AC, it really makes my entire room cold. I also don’t need to set the AC temperature as low when I have the air circulator on because it moves the cool air throughout the room.”

“I bought this unit several years ago and it’s still working like the first day when I got it. It’s so much quieter and more powerful than other air circulators that I’ve used. Although the price is higher than other cheap air circulators, the cost is justified by the quality. If you are going to get one, might as well buy a good one.”

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If you are looking for a powerful air circulator but don’t want something that’s large and takes up a lot of space, then you need to get the Vornado 530B 3 Speed Compact Air Circulator. Air circulators are great for keeping the air moving in a room where the air gets stale after awhile. It’s also good for cooling down a room. 3 speed controls let you set the speed which is most comfortable for you. You can have this unit running all the time which would save you energy costs since you won’t have to turn on the air conditioner.


Signature Vornado Vortex circulation provides complete circulation of all the air in a room

3 speed control and directable airflow provides air movement for any circulation need

Saves energy year round by working with heating and cooling systems

Whisper quiet operation and superior performance moves air up to 65 feet

Compact size conveniently fits anywhere in the home or office


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