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Vornado 733B High-Velocity Whole-Room 3-Speed Air Circulator Review

Updated on July 22, 2010

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“I really like this fan. It’s very quiet and very powerful. We hardly ever use the AC anymore. Plus it’s very portable so we can move it to the next room easily.”

“Highly recommended air circulator. It cools the entire room with no problems. Don’t waste your money buying cheap fans. Get this. It’s worth the money.”

"This fan circulator keeps my room very cool during the hot and humid summer months. When I use this in conjunction with my AC, I don't have to set my AC very low. This translates to more money in my pocket from energy savings. Can't beat that."

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With the high costs of turning on the air conditioner, people have been looking for alternative ways to keep cool. If you want to save some money on energy, then you should consider buying the Vornado 733B High-Velocity Whole-Room 3-Speed Air Circulator.

The Vornado 733B High-Velocity Whole-Room 3-Speed Air Circulator is a very powerful fan that can cool a room down. I bought this air circulator for my office after reading some good reviews on it. I felt the air circulator was well made because it felt heavy and sturdy. Not like the cheap fans you find for $10 dollars that often end up breaking. The 3 speed control lets you set the fan speed. At the lowest setting, I find the air circulator to be quiet and it does a good job of cooling my office room. At higher settings it gets a little louder but it’s not too bothersome for me.

Since the Vornado 733B High-Velocity Whole-Room 3-Speed Air Circulator is an air circulator, it works better than a fan because it actually circulates the air and doesn’t just blow it like a regular fan does. Because of that, you can feel a breeze no matter where you point the air circulator. By combining this unit with your AC, you can actually set the AC thermostat higher than usual. The air circulator will distribute the cold AC air around the room making it feel cooler.


  • Whole-room air circulator with 3 speed controls
  • Signature vortex circulation; whisper-quiet operation
  • 3 different base positions provide easy adjustment of airflow
  • Built-in handle; lightweight design; removable grill for cleaning


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    • Louise  Kenny profile image

      Louise Kenny 7 years ago from New York

      These fans are a great way to stay cool in the summertime. Nice hub.