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Vornado FA1-0007-24 Zippi Desk Fan Review

Updated on August 3, 2010

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“This fan is really compact and really quiet. You wouldn’t even know the fan was on at its lowest setting. Perfect if you want peace and quiet. It’s also very safe since the blades are made of cloth. You don’t have to worry about your kids or pets accidentally hurting themselves. And since the fan is compact, it’s easy to carry with you. I highly recommend it.”

“The Vornado FA1-0007-24 Zippi Desk Fan is a very high quality fan and the price is just right. I use this fan at work and it’s very silent so I don’t have to worry about it bothering my coworkers. Even though the blades are made of cloth, the fan actually moves a good amount of air.”


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When you want to get cool, using a fan is one good way to get a breeze blowing through you. Sometimes you may not be able to lug that big fan of yours around. So instead of trying to bring a big fan with you, get yourself a personal fan.

The Vornado FA1-0007-24 Zippi Desk Fan is precisely the fan that you need. This little fan can be taken anywhere because it is small. It’s very good for when you travel since you can easily slip it into your luggage. Just fold the fan and put it away. The blade is made of soft nylon so that it doesn’t cut you. There are two speed settings on this fan so that you can control the comfort level that you want.


  • Innovative personal fan in black, great for desks, dorm and hotel rooms, and more
  • Soft cloth blades that quickly and quietly propel the air, but are safe to touch
  • 2 speeds, adjustable fan head, powered by household outlet
  • 7-inch blade diameter; measures 9 inches high and 5-1/4 inches deep
  • Folds down for travel; weighs 1-3/4 pounds



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