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Review Of Best Vremi 9 Piece Gardening Hand Tools Set

Updated on June 21, 2017
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Ashish likes to write product reviews. He has helped millions of customers to make purchase decisions with his high-quality reviews.

My rating to Vremi 9 Piece Gardening Hand Tools Set

4 stars for Vremi 9 Piece Gardening Hand Tools Set

This gardening tools set includes 9 hand tools such as transplanting spade, trowel, cultivator, spray bottle, tote bag, gardening work gloves. It also includes hand rake and weeder along with pruning shears and transplanter for indoor and outdoor gardens alike. This gardening tool set is light in weight and it has ergonomic comfort grip handles for people who is having arthritis. it is made up of cast aluminum rust resistant heads for lasting value. Its high-quality cotton work gloves protect hands while you work and it's 30-ounce watering spray bottle keeps your flower or vegetable garden hydrated. In tote bag, you will get built in storage. This garden tool set storage caddy has a slot for every piece so that you can easily carry everything with you wherever you go.

Transplanting Spade
Digging and turning up soil; includes measurement indicators to gauge planting depth
Loosening and digging up weeds from soil
Transplant small plants and flowers
12.6 x 2.2 in.
12.4 x 1.6 in.
12.8 x 3 in.
182 gm
188 gm
183 gm
Smoothing soil; breaking up lumps of dirt
Trimming and cutting weeds around plants
Loosening and aerating soil before planting; mixing soil with fertilizer
12.2 x 2.9 in.
8.5 x 3 in.
12.6 x 2.2 in.
198 gm
250 gm
180 gm
Spray Bottle
Gardening Work Gloves
Tote Bag
Don't fill dirty or muddy water
Machine washable; air dry
Handwash and air dry
Polyester with PVC protective coating
10.5 in.
9.6 in.
23.6 x 11.8 in.

My Personal Experience with Vremi 9 Piece Gardening Hand Tools Set

This is the best purchase I've made in a long while. This garden tool is awesome! This is a very sturdy hand tool from the handle down. It's even better than what I expected. I have been using this tool set and back for over two months now, and I love it as much today as I did the first day I open it out. I have been using a long old screwdriver to dig out the big old weeds for years, but this tool is actually designed exactly for the task, and makes life so much easier! For starters, it comes in a really snazzy package, so if you're thinking of including this in a gift basket or as a gift, it's very impressive.

I love the weed tool. I've used it to remove buried rocks with the fulcrum edge, very useful. The body is slightly curved making it an easy two-movement process to get to the root of your weeds. Just slide it down along the root, bend, and the little teeth cut/pull out the bottom of the root. Bigger ones you have to dig around a little for the very root of it, but this tool does a fine job of that as well. The tool itself is large and in charge, very solid and sturdy, could probably rip out a small tree's roots without breaking. The shears feel solid in your hand. It has the best safety I have seen or used of any shears as it slides not just latches. The grip is dipped and molded not just a plastic sleeve that's going to slide off after a few uses. I was able to prune my tree branches up to about 2" in diameter with ease.
The pair that I have a lock and unlock easily and securely. Even locked, the bottom edge of the shears still feels rather sharp. I keep this pair in my tool box in the garage stored them in the box they came in just in case a child manages to find them. I have a lot of weeds and plants that grow like crazy in front of our house. These shears are sharp and cut through plants and weeds without leaving plant residue behind. I am glad to have shears that actually help keep our flower beds in check! They are heavy duty and feel very well made. Unlike the last pair we owned, I think these will last a long time!

I really like how it's curved in all the right places to give you leverage against the ground which helps pull the weeds out with less physical strain. I'm working with a gravel/dirt yard and there hasn't been a time I've thought the handle might snap from the tool. The handles have a nice diameter and the good rubber grip. They are wide and comfortable - my hand with writer's cramp, these tools are a dream! The tools fit in it perfectly and the cord around it helps stabilize the tools so the bag doesn't flop all over the place. The two netted pouches on the side hold my bottle of tea (with mint clipped with my clippers, of course!) and cell phone, and whatever I need to keep handy at that time like a ball of twine and pocket knife or such. The inside of the bag, though, is what makes it...the bag is tall, so it can hold a lot and the material is water resistant - also there are two side pockets on the inside I didn't expect that are perfect for holding seed packets. I keep a larger pair of shears, scissors, seeds, a notebook and pen, sketches, sunglasses, a field guide, and whatever else I happen to need or pick up in there. The bag is a heavy build and the colors are very non-gender specific as most garden tools can be.

I've had a lot of toolsets and bags over the years, but this is my absolute favorite and it makes me happy to pick it up and head out to the garden in the mornings. Once I have even forgotten this tool outside in the rain and have no problems with it. Anything that makes weeding easier is a must have in my book. I'm an avid gardener and this tool is already dirty and in yard bucket with all my favorite garden tools.

What is a material of Gardening Gloves?

It is made up of thick cotton with 9.6 inches in length. It is having Polka-dots on the gloves have a textured feel like rubber for better grip while working.

Is this tool set made for women, or can it be for men?

In my opinion, it would be suitable for either as the tools are standard in size and unisex (and so is the bag). The gloves are only light-weight but would fit a man provided his hands weren't too large. There's plenty of additional room width-wise for a larger male hand, but less so with the length. My friend has small hands and they fit him perfectly. You could easily buy a separate pair of gloves and swap them over if you needed to.

Pros and Cons

Nice long shears to be able to handle a variety of sizes of whatever you need to snip
None for me at this time
Grip is really nice on the hands
Mechanisms are smooth
Blades are sharp and efficient

The Verdict

Excellent quality and reasonably priced. It looks exactly like the picture and it is wonderful for the new Gardner. I tried pricing the items from online retailers and hardware stores and couldn't come close to approximating the cost/benefit ratio for the Horticulture Garden Helper. For this price, it's a great buy. it's highly recommended.

© 2017 Ashi


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