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Walk In Closet Design

Updated on August 7, 2012

It seems like one of the best attributes of any home these days is a large walk in closet. I know that I myself love the walk in closet design for my home. They are simply great and make life very easy to manage in the mornings. Everyone loves to crack the joke about how you could actually fit a whole other bedroom in there. While this may be true I would much rather use this room for storing all my clothes in one place and maybe even some other stuff.

Closet organizing is a pain in the butt but with walk in closets at your disposal you can have the greatest room in the world to walk into every morning. Walk-in closets vary by taste and preference depending on your closet organization requirements. They can be designed to hold a custom closet organizer as well as cube storage system for tons of closet storage. Whatever your choice may be organizing your closet can be a fun thing to do if you have the right walk in closet design to start with. Getting hooked up with a closet designer is the perfect way to design a closet to your liking. Lets take a look at what it takes to get your bedroom up to snuff.

Beautiful Walk-in Closet By Martha Stewart Closets

Small Walk In Closet Design Ideas

Sometimes you will see a closet being advertised as a walk-in when in reality you can’t walk into it, that is called a reach-in closet. Small walk-in closets allow you to enter the room and maneuver about as well as a small area to change but generally are not large enough to sit or model outfits per se.

The smaller walk in closet usually has three walls and a door to enter through. This type closet consists of a closet rod (single or double), shelving and usually shoe storage of some kind. One tip to maximize space is to hang a shoe organizer over the door. This allows for more shoe storage while not taking up any valuable closet space.

To maximize closet storage space you need to go vertical with your closet organizer from floor to ceiling. This includes shelving, hooks, wire, plastic or wood storage cubes and bins to allow for full closet space utilization. For example store seasonal items in storage bins such as jackets, sweaters and other bulky Winter items. Store these on the higher shelves as you won't need to get to these very often.

Utilize lower shelves for shoe storage or accessories that you need to get your hands on more frequently.

Medium Size Walk In Closet Design Ideas

In a medium sized walk in closet you typically have much more room to maneuver and create your own dressing room if you will. A bench and adequate mirrors could also be established to allow you to model and have your own personal room for wardrobe storage. A bench with shoe storage is a great way to establish a little more continuity in your walk-in closet and contain clutter.

You could add a wardrobe closet unit that is freestanding to allow you to further utilize garment storage. It can be open with shelving and lots of added drawers and doors to help arrange clothing and accessories such as jewelry or makeup. Hooks or shelves on the outside of it allow you to really maximize such a small area. You can also create a mini ironing station by putting a small miniature ironing board mounted to the side of it.

Large Walk In Closet Design

Large walk-in closets are the desire of every woman on the planet. They are usually the size of a bedroom and sometimes much larger. Celebrity closets leave much to be desired as they have closets that are larger than most homes. A large walk in closet is usually attached to a master bedroom suite that makes getting ready in the morning a treat. It is typically laden with windows and a skylight for better closet lighting.

The great thing about large closets is you can designate an area for your activities. Have one area setup for your shoe collection, shoe storage and a bench to put your shoes on with as well as shoe related care items. Set up a vanity and mirror plus a makeup table with chair for a comfortable makeup station. Be sure to set up a dirty laundry hamper or cart with wheels to allow you to separate your laundry in the closet and then take it to the laundry room with ease.

Closet lighting is not to be missed in a large closet. Be sure you have ample lighting with preferably daylight bulbs to help give the room more of a natural light feel to it. Utilize recessed lighting over certain areas you want highlighted and chandelier lights to give the room a luxurious and elegant feel.

Walk in Closet Shelving

I nice nice closet needs one main ingredient to keeping it tidy and in order, shelving! You absolutely cannot skimp on closet shelving when you set up any walk in style closet. One of my favorites brands names for walk in closet shelves is John Louis Home. JLH closet systems in general are do it yourself closets that can be constructed by just about anyone. They are very well designed and manufactured from solid wood with a variety of finishes to help match your décor.

You can go with maple, honey or mahogany shelving to give your closet a little spruce up. John Louis Home organizers come with step by step directions, all you have to do is decide what size and color shelving you need.

JLH closet organizer kit

Walk In Closets

This is really one of the great accompaniments that one can have on their place of living nowadays. A walk in closet allows you to clear everything out from your normal living area. Your bedroom can be clear of shoes lying everywhere, or spare clothes. Another thing that’s great about it is that you won’t have to hang clothes in a hall closet. That can get annoying because then you have to remember where each different outfit happens to be. I don’t know about you but that is not exactly the sort of thing that I am equipped to do when I first wake up in the morning. I need everything as simple and predictable as possible until I’ve got a couple cups of coffee in me. While storage cubes help in that situation its more of a hassle to have to open them every time you need something.

Closet Organizer Systems

To get back to my prior point: beware of faulty things being spoken about bedroom closets in a rented apartment or a for sale house. People just throw the term around so loosely these days that you have to see it firsthand to know what they’re really talking about. Now when you decide to get your closet organizing underway you want to make sure you have sufficient room for your closet organizer system. If its custom built then it will be installed professionally so you won't have to worry about installation.

However if you can't afford custom then opt for a do it yourself organizer. Do it yourself closet organizers are excellent additions to any closet. ClosetMaid and Rubbermaid both have systems that accommodate any size or shaped closet. You can use their online design tool to build your own system and have it shipped to your door. Installation requires no more than a measuring tape, hammer, screwdrivers and drill.

Choosing Your Walk In Closet Design

There is a vast array of walk-in closet ideas on the market. Choosing which walk in closet design you want to go with can be tough. Its good to know the advantages before you decide. If you have the room then you can be gifted with tons of closet storage. This means closet shelves for folded clothing or towels and perhaps books. Shoe cubbys are also an advantage as they can be setup to house your shoe collection which is never ending. It also allows for mirrors and excellent lighting so you can have room to see if you like what you have on.

A walkin closet affords many other luxuries as well. You can keep items that don't pertain to closets with the use of boxes or cubes. It may not be a bad idea to hang a full length mirror inside. You never know where you’re going to want an extra mirror or a little stoop to sit down on in order to put your shoes on to see what goes with what.. That is an even further beauty of this type of area.

If you are lucky enough to buy a house that already has a walk in, then I applaud you. Good shopping and good eye! I have to admit that I am a little jealous because this is such a great thing. The following closet designer will show you how a closet can be set up and maybe give you some closet design ideas and even help you with for your own closet designs.

To find more information and shop some of the best walk in closet styles and systems Click Here.

Walk In Closets Designs


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    • lucille12 profile image


      5 years ago

      Smaller items inside a closet also need to be organized so that you can find them at a moment's notice.

    • Claymerica profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Tennessee

      No kidding I would kill for some of these closet designs

    • acliff profile image


      8 years ago from New York City

      I wish the first one was my closet! These are some great ideas, thanks!!

    • proscourcefloors1 profile image


      10 years ago from United States of America

      Great tips for closet design and oh! aren't they so useful and dreamy ;) Thanks for sharing.

    • Claymerica profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Tennessee

      Thank you so much!

    • seascapelamps profile image

      Mike S 

      10 years ago from Watsonville

      Good information, and very nice site.....Mike

    • Maria Harris profile image

      Maria Harris 

      10 years ago from Houston

      There are few things in this world as satisfying as a clean and organized closet! Thanks for all of the great information.


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