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Wall Building as a Group

Updated on January 25, 2019

News - Fake or Real

If you listen to the news, at all, you know that we desperately need some kind of control of our southern border. If you look to how other countries treat their similar situations, we see stories of journalists/hikers that were captured, simply for being there and placed in prison for a duration of time while their country judicial branch decided what to do. Mind you, I get my information from the Fake/Real news, so I don't know how accurate my information really is.

If you look at the last years violence, in bars and on the streets, the news reports them as spontaneous killings, beatings, and rapes, that could not have been prevented, as you see they did occur, and nobody seemed to stop them before they happened.

Many of them, according to the Fake or Real News, were caused by either religious misguides, or immigrants that were in this country, just to cause mayhem and destruction.

Realistic Control or Imaginary Control

Some people like to give their opinions on things from a safe distance. They are one of two things: 1) hostile towards immigrants 2) hostile towards everything else.

Perhaps, these are the same people who drive down the highways, acting like they cannot like the other drivers, then, when they are out of their vehicles, act like everyone is all peaches and roses. They might even see these other drivers in a controlled environment, like school or church, and even get along with them once again.

So, do you suppose a Wall would accomplish the same? Same, meaning, if there was a wall where you had to go through a door to get through, people would then all get along on the other side. Or, would perhaps have to sign some contract that expressed a sincere desire to get along. There could maybe a special waiver for drivers licenses, since we all know that all the other drivers are hostile and crazy.


Buy a Brick

This is the latest thing. You can now purchase a brick for the wall. You could buy a brick for everyone in your family. Almost like a virtual game of Nintendo, but instead of Mario breaking the walls down, We the People, work at keeping the walls up.

I get emails and text messages now, inviting me to buy a brick. Of course, the emails are probably bogus, so I haven't responded to them since most of them wish me to send the bricks to Shumer and Pelosi.

Let's stay focused on the Wall we need.

Your Choice: Lottery Ticket or Brick

You cannot tell me that the People of the U.S.A. cannot afford to give their part to buy a brick for the wall. Why do I have this opinion? Well. Just look at some interesting facts based on the Real/Fake news reporting.

One: The Powerball gets donations on a daily basis from people who seem to have a lot of disposable income. Every week, they draw from millions of entries and your chance to win, depends on how lucky you are.

I have never won, so, I'm not so lucky. But, think about how much money people are willing to donate to the Powerball. Think about how much money is then available for other uses... smile.. like a brick wall.

Brick Costs

How much does a brick cost? Is there a price break when you buy billions of them? Does that matter? If you listen to the Sarcastic View, if you had billions of dollars for bricks, you'd end up with 15 bricks, at supposed Government spending prices

If you bought your bricks from Menard or Fleet Farm, you'd be looking at a different price. I don't know where they get their bricks from to sell them to us, but, perhaps we could, as a group, save on shipping since perhaps we could get them from an area closer to the Wall area. No sense in shipping them to Minnesota and then, shipping them back to the border. No sense at all.

According to Home/Advisor: bricks will average cost $14 dollars per square foot. Now, cost per square meter is calculated by multiplying the cost per square foot by a factor of 10.76

China Has a Wall

It occurred to me that China has had a Wall for a long time. It was, in fact, started over 2000 years ago. Workers were pulled from prisons to work on the wall. It is estimated that 400,000 people died while building it. Some of the bodies are inside the wall. That seems heartless, but on the other hand, if they were people who were in prison for crimes, then, they would have died anyways. This way, they die honorably.

Now, in our country, the U.S.A., we have prisoners in our prisons that perhaps need something more productive to do. Is building a wall something that they could work into their schedule. Does Huber cover it? You know, the work release program.

Somebody Should Do Something

Remember when we were kids, and there were people who would hear the news and say, "Somebody should do something." Well, somebody should. Somebody means, you and I.

So, when do we pencil in getting this wall built? Does this weekend work for you? I'll see what's on my calendar and get back to you.

Guns and Walls

Guns, or the right to bear arms, is a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the U.S.A.

Perhaps, new immigrants should not be allowed to get guns until they convert to being citizens. Immigrants with kids, should be detained in a center, until they convert to being citizens.

The job program, for new immigrants, could be helping build the wall.

For wall jumpers, or river crossers, it is suggested that there is a sensory rifle system installed on the top of the wall, that will sense objects trying to go over the wall. There will either be dead people or dead birds on the ground below.

Electrify the shoreline on the north side of the river, so that immigrants attempting to cross the river, will need to go through a border crossing station that is not electrified.

All Welcome but Enter at the Entrance the Right Way

That's the bottom line.

All immigrants are welcome here, provided that they come here, become citizens, work hard, contribute a third of their income to the government, like everyone else.

If you wish to come here, don't cross the border illegally. Come in where we are welcoming you to enter.

It's a no brain-er. Come in through the narrow gate and stay as long as you like. A few rules:

Don't shoot other people.

Don't throw objects at other people.

Don't jump on the couch.

Don't run in the house.


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