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Wall Decals

Updated on August 29, 2012

Wall Decals are a great way to decorate any space. Whether you are moving into a dorm room or apartment Wall Decals are an easy way to spice up a place. Especially if you don't have the money, time or energy to paint, Wall decals are your answer. They are relatively inexpensive,bright and colorful and very easy to apply and take down. You can even use them on furniture or other flat surfaces. They are very versitle. There are many many types of wall decals out there. Here are some of the newest and best selling wall decals.

                          Inspired by Nature Wall Decals

 I love this Perfect Stem Flower Decal.  it looks like it is glowing against the wall!  This perfect flower comes in Pink.  TheDecal itself has four stems and three flowers you can arrange any wya you would like.  Also included is are extra petals and a few butterflies  to spread around the flowers.  The unique thing about this is that  you can make the flowers as tall or short as you want.  This Wall decal received four stars out of five from four customer reviews. Customers overall liked the Perfect Stem Wall Decal.  Many of her friends thought the decal was actually painted on.  Another customer statre she gets compliments on the Perfect Stem Wall Decal all the time.

 The Spring Flowers and birds Decal mimics the dogwood tree in Spring.  You simply peel and stick them however you would like.  This wall decal definitely adds a touch of Spring to your home.  They come off easily so if you get tired of your arrangement take them down and rearrange them!  Looks good with almost any color surface. The Spring Flowers and Bird Decal averaged four and a half stars out of five. Customers state they recieved  compliments about their handiwork.  One customer stated she found it eater it cut out the pieces and arrange them on the floor before putting them up on the wall.

The Cherry Blossom Peel and Stick decal adds a bit of elegance to any room. The directions recommend you start with the thicker pieces and work your way up or over. There is no wrong way to do this. The Cherry Blossom Peel and Stick wall decal is popular as it received 19 reviews! It received an average of four out of five stars. Customers state it was fun putting it up. They also were happy with the fact it did not leave any marks when taken off the wall. Other customers commented how easy it was to rearrange he decals when they wanted a different design.

The Umbra Wallflutter Wall Decor is not a decal. rather it is a set of plastic dragon flies brushed in nickle. This attractive set of dragonflies are magnet so they can adhere to metal. If you want to hang them on your wall they come with a set of magnets to tack into the wall. You get a set of 20 dragonflies to place as you would like on your wall. The Umbra Wallflutter Wall Decor recieved four out of five stars from ten customer reviews. Customers state they are very lightweight but look like nickel. They were also reported to be easy to install. Customers state they do add a pizzazz to any room.

RoomMates RMK1319GM Dotted Tree Peel and Stick Wall Decal

The Dotted Tree Peel and Stick Wall Decal comes in forty eight pieces. This wall decal is a piece of cake to put up as it comes off easy. Not only does it come with leaves it comes with a bird and butterflies.  You can make a tree forty inches tall.  The Dotted Tree Peel and Stick Wall Decal  received five out of five stars from  16 parent reviews. Parent really like how easy it is to put up.  One customer reported how the decal looks like an actual painting.

                             Inspired by Design Wall Decals 

 The Just Dots Pink and Brown  Peel and Stick  is a modern look for any room.  Have fun sticking these decals in your room in any design.  The Just Dots Pink and Brown Peel and stick decals are popular.  It received five out of five stars from 13 customer reviews.  One customer commented on how much they enjoyed using it as a wallpaper border in a bedroom.  Another customer stated that the decal stick great on wallpaper too.

The Flower Spindles wall decal adds a splash of color to any room. There are several of these flower spindles to a pack. Customers reacted to this wall decal favorably. They stated it was easy for them to reapply the circles as they developed their design. Customers state you should have your design planned out before putting them up. Some customers agree that the spindles look better if they are touching.

Black Full Damask Wall Decals Appliques

 The Black Full Damask Wall Decals Appliques are an elegant way to dress up a room. This package contains four 12 X 12 decals. You can reposition them as a border or make them all one frame.  The black looks good on any color.  Coordinate this decal with others like it for a more interesting design.

 The Floral Ornament Flower large design is very striking.  It measures 5.5 feet wide and comes in a wide variety of colors.  The decal comes in pieces and one very large piece.  The directions indicate you smooth this piece on with a small card.  The Floral Ornament flower was given four our of five stars from one customer review.  The customer stated it was a little trying in putting up but well worth it.  She states she cannot help but stare at it!

 The Vinyl Wall art Decal Floral Sticker Floral Leaves Swirl  is very dramatic!  It measures  72 inches by 38 inches.  They are easy to install and come with easy to read instructions.  The wall decal comes in many colors for any decor.  Can be used in living rooms and bed rooms.  Set off your interior with this striking wall decal.

                                 Wall Decals with Words 

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful 5.5h x 20w vinyl lettering for walls quotes art

This inspiring quote is five inches high and 20 inches long.    It comes in one color and is easy to put up.  Easy to read directions come with the kit.  Three customer reviews give this decal five out of five stars.  One customer states how this wall decal brings her daughters room full circle.  Another customer reports that it looks amazing on her wall. 

 Dream Big Little Girl   is a quote that measures 10 inches tall and 40 inches wide.    It comes in one color, black matte.  This wall decal was given four and half stars out of five from three customer reviews.  One customer stated they had textured walls so they were able to  put the decal on a mirror and hang it in the room.  The customer stated it gave it a great 3 -D effect.  Other customers state their decals look great and was easy to put up. 

Family Is Forever vinyl lettering wall art saying

 The Family is Forever wall Decal is a great decal to have in a family room or living room.  This Wall decal measures 19 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall.  This wall decal makes a great gift for any house warming party.  This wall decal received four and a half stars out of five form two customer reviews.  Customers state this decal looks great and looks like a more expensive brand of wall decal.  Another customer commented on how this wall decal makes a room comfortable.

The Secret To Having It All Is Knowing You Already Do vinyl wall lettering sayings home decor accent quote

The wall decal ; the secret ot having it all is knowing what you already have; rings true to all of us. This wall decal is 12.inches tall and 38 inches wide. This Wall decal received four stars out of five from four customer reviews. Customers state the letters were bigger than normal. One customer did not like this and another customer did. Customers state this decal stuck on the wall once it was applied. They also stated it was easier to use than other brands.

 This wall decal would look great above a fireplace.  It measures 28 by 23 inches and is available in a wide variety of colors.   Three customers gave this wall decal five out of five stars.  They stated it was perfect for what they needed. Customers like the elegant look of the lettering and love that it was easy to rub the letters on the wall.

Do you like Wall Decals?

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    • aka-dj profile image

      aka-dj 7 years ago from Australia

      N I C E !

      I actually do some of my own.

      I have a sign making system, and actually did a few flowers on a bland wall we had. Good hub. Hope it spreads awareness about this relatively new art form. :)

    • GarnetBird profile image

      Gloria Siess 7 years ago from Wrightwood, California

      I paint flowers directly on walls, but have a long way to go.haha. Nice Hub. Decals look nice on furniture,too.