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Wall Decals - Chandelier Wall Decal

Updated on July 17, 2011

Wall Decals

 Wall decals are a great way to quickly change the look and decorative feel of a room, and chandelier wall decals are no exception to this.

It's fun to be able to update the look of a room whenever you want to, but getting out the paint pots or wall-paper paste every time tends to take the edge of the fun element.

Wouldn't it be great if instead you could create new look simply and easily by using wall art that can be stuck to the wall, and can easily be moved if necessary.

Well now you can with wall decals. The wall stickers come in a wide range of shapes and designs from flowers to fairies and trains to T-Rex and of course chandeliers.

They're easy to apply, create an instant effect and are great whether you're looking for a permanent change to a room, or just trying to jazz it up for a party - just imagine how great it would look to have chandeliers on every wall for a murder mystery evening.


Chandelier 1 Wall Decals Art Stickers Home Decor by EYE CANDY SIGNS
Chandelier 1 Wall Decals Art Stickers Home Decor by EYE CANDY SIGNS

Chandelier Wall Decal

 If you've always wanted a chandelier, but don't have the space or high enough ceilings for one then a chandelier wall sticker decal is the answer.

Placed on any window or wall it will create an instant effect and transform your room into an elegant setting for evening soirees.

Whilst black is the most common colour these chandelier wall stickers come in a range of liveries including white and pink, or, if you fancy a bit of extra glitz and sparkle why not go for ones with rhinestones.

Pink Chandelier Wall Sticker

 There are times when only pink will do - thankfully there are pink chandelier wall stickers especially for those occasions.

Perfect for girls bedrooms, or any light and airy room a pink chandelier add a touch of elegance along with a large dash of fun.


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