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Astek Wall Covering

Updated on June 16, 2017

Remember that wall-covering stores offer more than rolls of paper. They can show you rolls of canvas, hemp, burlap, grasscloth, cork, or felt. Cork is generally laminated on top of paper or burlap and felt is laminated on top of the paper.

These heavier wall coverings cover irregularities much better than does a single layer of wallpaper (Although a double layer of wallpaper is effective and generally less expensive). Their thickness and rough texture smooth over pebbly or poorly patched plaster, hairline cracks and thick layers of old paint.

Canvas, in particular, has a long and honored history as a wall covering for centuries, it has been applied over to prevent hairline cracks. Although heavier wall coverings cannot disguise holes, large dents, or grossly uneven patches, they require far less wall preparation than wallpaper or paint, strip thereby keep costs down.

These coverings attach to walls like wallpaper, but with far less fuss. Generally, there are no patterns to line up, although many people reverse every strip to prevent abrupt changes in shading.

Canvas and similar materials comes in rolls of varying widths. The wider ones are for experienced hangers, the narrower ones are for novices. Ask for them at any wallpaper store.


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