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Wallflower Scents Bath and Body Works Great for the Home

Updated on October 16, 2014

The Wall Flower Plug In Home Fragrance System

Purple Wall Flower Scent with Refill Bulb Installed
Purple Wall Flower Scent with Refill Bulb Installed | Source
Wallflower Scent Refill Bulb's
Wallflower Scent Refill Bulb's

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Wallflower Scents for the Home

Finding the right scent and fragrance system for your house is important. The Wallflower system by Bath and Body Works fits the needs of many households. The right plug in fragrance holder should not only provide the fragrance you are looking for it should also fit in with your personal style and home décor.

This home fragrance system is perfect for the person that enjoys changing the mood of their home on a regular basis. Whether you want a fragrance that is sweet and fresh for the spring or warm for the winter holidays, it is simple and easy top adjust without having to worry about the change in the look to your house. Purchase the base that fits the home perfectly and change the scents based on your mood and desire.

Going to the mall is one of my favorite things to do and I was very happy when i stumbled on the Bath & Body Works and their cool plug in scent gadget the fragrance Wall Flower. When I started looking around I found a pluggable starter, that has a variety of colors and styles.This thing really is what first caught my eyes... At first, I don't know what it is for, until the sales lady told me, it is called a wallflowers plug in starter and it comes in many different colors and designs to choose from. A quick twist of the rotating plug lets you choose a vertical or horizontal outlet. I chose the purple colored one, because purple is one of my favorite colors but they will certainly have your favorite color too as the options are endless in terms of colors and styles. When you buy the wallflowers Plug In starter, you also buy the wallflower fragrance refill bulb which comes with lots of different selection of flavors such as Caribbean salsa,pineapple orchid,fresh linen,lilac blossom,strawberry patch,fresh lemon and many many more. It is used to add more fragrance in the house to make it smell good and wonderful. The base and the wall fragrance refills are sold separately. It is so easy to use just pop the refill bulb into place on the wallflower and plug it into an appropriate socket on the wall and in a few minutes your room will have light enjoyable fragrance to set the mood just right or too smell fresh and clean for the day .You just plug it in any outlet around your house and enjoy the sweet scent that was release from the wallflower fragrance. A clean house with a sweet smell, will make you ease off and feel relax from a stressful work. It is very affordable and the refill bulbs actually last pretty long compared to other similar products with much less choice in terms of fragrances, styles, and colors.

The company has reinvented the personal care industry with the introduction of fragrant flavorful indulgences, including shower gels, lotions, candles and accessories. They always have a tester bottle of all the different items that are available for not only women but also they carry a full line of products for men. The wallflower and candle sections that are in this store in particular are great with a wide array of different styles and fragrances to match your home décor.

Thanks to Leah for writing about her experience finding the Wallflower Fragrances.

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    • profile image

      Vince 4 years ago

      My favorite scent is pinapple orchid :-)

    • Ms._Info profile image

      Ms._Info 6 years ago from New Jersey

      I love the wallflower plugins! They look good and smell good!

    • ellahall2011 profile image

      ellahall2011 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing, wanted to use this.