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Buy Wall Mounted Bottle Opener And Bottle Cap Catcher

Updated on April 26, 2015

Looking to buy wall mounted bottle opener that conveniently attaches to the wall? Then why not choose one a sturdy bottle cap opener that is wall mounted and can provide easy opening of your favorite beverage.

Many bottles still use the pressed on cap that ensures freshness of the liquid that is stored in the bottle.

Finding a bottle opener in a drawer full of other kitchen utensils can be a frustrating experience.

Strategically placing a wall mounted bottle opener, in an easy to reach location of the kitchen or bar room setting, can help take the struggle out of patiently waiting for that first taste of a cool drink.

Wall mounted bottle openers are great for summer time activities like cookouts, parties, a family get together or just for everyday use in the kitchen, game room, or man cave.

These also are great mounted on the outside deck, porch or in the garage where a bottle opener is needed the most.

Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

A stylish wall mounted bottle opener can fit into the home or bar decor but also make for a great conversation piece.

Time and again folks that see you have a easy to open bottle opener secured on the wall for quick access have expressed the need for the same.

"Geez I wish I had one of those" is common phrase heard from friends and family.

Bottle Cap Catchers

Although bottle cap catchers aren't required as part of owning a wall mounted bottle opener, they sure are handy. These drop basins are especially handy to collect all the tops in one location.

Easy on and off slots make for emptying the container a breeze. Those who like to separate trash and bottle or cans for recycling then the cap catcher just makes sense.


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  • Michael Willis profile image

    Michael Willis 7 years ago from Arkansas

    I like the wall mounted bottle openers. I know most bottles now can be opened by hand, but every once in a while you find one that is too tight for the hand.

    And the older style bottle openers look good as a display piece.