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Wall Mounted Fan

Updated on September 14, 2012

Fans Mounted on your Wall?

Yes, it's true. You don't have to waste any more precious floor space with that wind blower all summer long. Just need to mount it to a stud in your wall and plug the chord into the wall and you are good to go. No more tripping on chords. No more dying of sweat.

Ceiling fans are only nicer if you want lighting to go with your fan. The positioning of ceiling fans are better for lighting of course. But if all you want is some machine to blow your hair around the room, then you can't beat the wall mounted fan.

The price varies for wall mounted fans. Some are around $60-80, but usually you will have to pay a little bit more for wall mounted fans over table fans. The Old Havanna Wall Fan costs about $600 and I have seen others that are more expensive. The Havanna has three speeds and a nice, darkish look. A very expensive model is the Punkah Fan by Fanimation. The Punkah has a banana tree feel to it and is very cool. There is only one speed on this wall fan and it is so quiet, simulating the sound of a tropical paradise.

But there are prices for any budget for wall mounted fans. Just search around to find what you want. Decide the look you want in the fan. This is important because a lot of wall mounted fans are installed year-round, not just in the summertime. Also determine how many speeds you need. Some of the wall fans don't give you any options as they are more into that steady wind thing.

So fan off. Summer is upon us and a fan can be a necessity depending on where you live. I live in Washington State and find a fan to be invaluable during the summer months. But some places, like Arizona or Texas, require fans throughout the year. I have even seen people in Arizona use fans outside, just to regulate the boiling hot air coming their direction. It amounts to loud conversations and questionable heat relief, but, use the fan indoors if you will.

Fan of Fans

Not a fan of fans? Just think about what life might be like without a fan. I will give you several real-life examples of how I have used fans to get on better in my life.

  1. Smoker Man: I opened my yard to a bad man with a white mustasche. His talk was interesting, sure, but he smoked. I dropped him unmistakable hints to show him my disgust, such as plugging my nostrils with clothing pins and shouting at him with curse words. But he didn't bite. So I thought about that old beater of a wall mounted fan I have in my closet. Whipped it out and began blowing. I angled the fan such that he could smoke and the fan would blow his sin opposite my direction. I didn't need to use an extension cord for the fan, but for the microphone, yes.
  2. Family Karaoke Night: My daughter has a bad voice. She's 16 and she likes to play singing. But she stinks. I'm a God father. I meant good father. So I sit there and pretend to watch her while thinking of something less painful, like getting scratched by mean monkeys. She sings and howls and I couldn't tune her out- until I brought my wall mounted fan down to the den and sat it right next to my muffins so I could pretend to listen in peace.
  3. Sleep Apnea: I can't sleep at night. Bad dreams. Bad Karma. Stupid lousy noises. Well, I had a pedestal fan to drown out the noise and push along this gentle, cool breeze along my knees as I lay in bed. But then I got up to go to the water closet and BOOM! Kicked that cake as far as frosting. The wall mounted fan, however, never have boomed that lousy thing.
  4. Humidity: My house gets wet and warm and humid. Especially my bedroom. The fan now sits right near my sunlit ceiling and arrests the aimless wet from my private chamber.

Are You a Fan of Fans?

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