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Wall Paint Ideas For Bedrooms - How to Choose Paints for Bedrooms ?

Updated on September 9, 2011
Color  Trends in Paintings
Color Trends in Paintings

Wall Paint Ideas For Bedrooms

Paints giveperfection to a house. Paint colors vary from snow white to dark red. Nowadays we can also create new colors with the help of computers to get a wide range of different shades. Colors can not only add to the beauty but also influences ones personality, and so select the color according to your taste and interest.

Interior Colors Combination

  1. To an extent, blue color can satisfy those who long for peace. This color can also be used in bedrooms and study rooms.
  2. Yellow is a boosting color which can be given to the reading room and kitchen.
  3. Green color can bring the greenery to the room and gives mind a cool touch. So this can be used in bedrooms and bathrooms.
  4.  Violet is a creative color and is more suitable for the study room and bed room.
  5. Orange is not only a pleasant and energetic color but also helps in digestion and so it is more suitable for the dining room.
  6. Black is the least used color, but when added to white it gives an ash shade which suitable for all rooms. White is a background color.

Exterior Paints

Light shades are more suited for exterior paintings. Inside temperature can be reduced to an extent if light colors are used as exterior paints since it can reflect sun rays .Dark shades can be used as exterior paint in the north east side of the house and light shades in the south west side. Dark ash, red, green and yellow absorbs more heat where as light ash, white and cream absorbs less.

Tips for Buying Paints

Paints are of three types like

  1. Distumber
  2. Emulsion
  3. Textures.

Distumber is a thick paint like a paste which is of two types like acrylic and solvent base. Acrylic distumber is used on interior ceilings. It is in powder form and must be mixed before use.Labour charge is more for this. 

Emulsion paints are meant for interiors as it is more durable and shining. This gives a classic touch to the wall. It is possible to wash and clean the walls.Economy; Premium and high premium are the three types of emulsion paints. Emulsion paints are to be used in two coats as it coverage (area which can be painted with 1litre) is very less. Coverage varies from 100 to 120/sqft.T

Premium should also be used in two layers but it has more coverage (260 sqft) than the former. So 40 liters of economy is equal to 20 liters of premium. High premium emulsion paint contains cross linked polymers. These walls can also be washed with turpentine or water. This offers 10 year durability and gives a mirror like finish to the wall.

Textures Paint is the latest trends in painting. It gives an extra beauty to the wall. This has to be painted in 3 coats

How to Paint your Home?

Walls are coated with putty to make it ready for painting which is the traditional way of painting. By using putty walls are made very smooth. Putty is applied in 2 coats. The second coating is done a day after the first coat. There are two types of putty

  1. Cement base
  2. Acrylic base.

 Cement based putty costs around Rs.680/20kg.Acrylic putty is in liquid form which is used on a coat of primer. Emulsion paints are used after this. Interior acrylic paints costs from Rs.900/20kg and exterior costs Rs.1200/20kg.

It is better to paint with putty during the time of construction itself because only costly acrylic putty can be used over painted walls. It is often less common to use putty on exterior walls. Emulsion paints are used over putty only on areas like carporch, sitout and entrance.Alge resistant exterior paint which defends fungus is used and two coats of emulsion should be painted over it. Add less water to increase the durability of exterior paints. Enamel paints are used on iron rods. Clean iron rods with sand paper and apply 2 coats of primer.Synchromite primer is more suitable for wet area after primer apply 2 coats of enamel over it.

How To Paint a Wall

Things to remember before Paintings

1. Start painting only after completing electrical and plumbing works.

2. The standard and method of use of putty, sealer and emulsion should be verified if the painting is done in contract basis.

3. Paint only on primers and not on putty as this will close cracks and minute holes.

4. Verify that the plaster is well dried before painting.

5. Make sure that the walls are dry else rectify the cause and paint after that.

6. Waterproof paints can be used for exterior walls.

7. Emulsion and textures can be cleaned with water and soaps where as distumber must be cleaned only with dry clothes.


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      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

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