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Wall Posters Transform Into Functional Art

Updated on November 17, 2012
Art Print Room Divider Screens
Art Print Room Divider Screens | Source

A new trend emerging in theme decorating using room divider screens

Wall posters are a thing of the past and now can be replaced by a 6ft folding screen boasting a unique iconic printed image front and back. Many people are familiar with famous city skyline pictures of New York City, Paris, London as well as the exotic beaches of Santorini and Hawaii. All the popular posters that once were either taped to a teenager’s wall are now being replaced by art print room dividers.

These decorative paneled screens are mass produced in huge printing presses in China. To keep production costs down, the surface on which the large image is printed on is a poly-cotton blend canvas, rather than an all cotton canvas. This material is similar to to a vinyl canvas commonly used to print wall decals. The finished printed canvas is wrapped around a lightweight kiln dried spruce wood frame. A three panel screen weighs about 8 lbs. Because the substitution of cheaper material and overseas production costs are significantly cheaper, these art print room dividers can look deceivingly expensive yet they retail for about $129. If this product were to be duplicated domestically, it would nearly triple in retail price.

In the city, many people live in small apartments or one room studios where a room divider screen is very functional and can visually define a space or can be used to create a temporary wall for privacy. Benjamin, a young furniture salesman in Manhattan realized that in his experience working in various different furniture stores across the city, they all carried the common Japanese shoji screen with the window pane pattern. There was never a real vast selection of screens. He later thought of an idea to create an e commerce site,, featuring hundreds of different room divider screens with art print from a diverse range of subjects and themes. Benjamin says, “These art print dividers are very functional and have multiple uses. They are perfect for theme decorating and can also be used as display merchandising props in boutiques, restaurants, catering halls, day care centers and schools. I think of them as a portable wall mural.” An example of its urban commercial use is that small clothing boutiques in densely populated cities do not have ample space for a real dressing room. so they will buy usually 3 of them to make a pop up dressing room so their customers can try on clothes in privacy.

The trend for displaying these decorative screens is taking off in many urban areas and college dorms. The famous wall poster which once was just hung or taped to a wall as a reminder of one’s self expression, has now made its way onto a large functional piece of art that stands on the floor. When the time comes to retire the folding screen, the hinges can be removed and the panels can be mounted to the wall as an attractive piece of canvas art.

New Cartoon & Comic Theme Room Dividers

More than a dozen new cartoon theme room dividers limited edition
More than a dozen new cartoon theme room dividers limited edition | Source


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