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Tips on Decorating With Quotes Using Wall Decals

Updated on May 7, 2012

Decorating with quotes using wall decals is a fast, inexpensive and easy way to add some life and style to your walls. Vinyl lettering for walls provide personalization and interest to your home. Many people use stencils to capture the same look, but there are some significant disadvantages in using paint. I was first introduced to wall decals a few years back at a friends house. She had strategically placed some quotes in her kitchen, and I loved how homey it made it feel. I commented I loved them and said I just didn't trust myself with a stencil and paint to save my life. She told me the quotes weren't paint at all, but decals. Of course, she'd purchased them online and couldn't remember where, so thus began my search for wall decals quotes.

I ended up checking out almost every brick and mortar shop I could think of, but the selection was very limited. I was looking for something a bit more sophisticated than "Home Sweet Home", for example. So, I finally decided it was time to shop online.

Types and Options of Vinyl Lettering for Walls

You have some choices here, thankfully. Some are kits that allow you to make your own quotes, letter by letter. Or, you can opt for pre-made quotes with blocks of words, but you will of course have to find one that suits you. Finally, a more expensive route is to have them custom-made. There are plenty of companies that specialize in custom decals, however, as one would imagine they are quite a bit more expensive.


To get your creative juices flowing, I will provide a wide sampling from reputable companies. Your first mission is to decide the impetus for your quote. That may be, in part, be determined by which room you're looking to personalize. Some people actually choose a quote as a sort of theme by which to choose décor. This works particularly well in a bedroom or room with a tabula rasa and a lack of ideas!

Application Tips

Cool Ideas for Bedrooms

Obviously I'm only giving you a small sampling of the plethora of quotes available. There are many, many more available on Amazon. I really like "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" for a bedroom.

The next set of decals is nice due to the variety of choices. It come with ten word blocks from which to choose: "magical, dream, believe, imagine, wish, joy, hope, beauty, love and inspire". You can use them singly or string a few together to make a statement.

I love "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." I think this is a perfect statement for a bedroom. Perhaps just the perfect deterrent to never go to bed angry! This one comes in almost every color in the rainbow, so finding one to suit your style is simple.

"Good morning beautiful" caught my eye as a sweet way to wake up everyday. It's like having a love letter permanently hanging on your wall.

For tons more ideas check out wall stickers for bedrooms!

Wall Quote Decals
Wall Quote Decals
Wall Decals Quotes
Wall Decals Quotes

Ideas for Kids Rooms

There are lots of choices for kids rooms, so many I'm not sure where to being. So, I've just tried to round up some of my favorites. Obviously, some are more suitable for younger kids rooms, while others are geared for the older crowd. I have a tween who loves music, so I've included a few of those.

The first two are nice if you'd like to create a nice alphabet border around you room, or of course you can spell your child's name or create any words or quotes you'd like. We purchased this one and simply put our girls' names above their beds and they look really cute. They're very easy to do, in fact your older kids could do it themselves.

If you are a Dr. Seuss fan like me, you'll love the "Oh the places you'll go" decal. Or, if you have a little girl who loves fairies, the "All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust" decal would be perfect. I love the "Thank heaven for little boys" decal for a nursery, too.

I included the "I would rather count horses than sheep" decal because I know there are a lot of little girls out there who are crazy about horses. Mine are still crazy about them, evidently it's not a passing phase for my two! As you can see, these decals can all be placed on beds, too.

For the Bathroom

As I mentioned applying these wall appliques is simple. However, you must make sure you do it correctly. This is particularly true in a bathroom where there's lots of steam. Make sure you clean the wall thoroughly, a damp cloth will do the trick. You could even use some TSP if you have a particularly dirty wall. Use a credit card to scrape the decal to make sure nothing is stuck to the adherence side. Use a squeegee or credit card to firmly affix the decal and to get rid of any wrinkles or bubbles.

Some of my favorite quotes are for bathrooms. Some are funny and seemingly appropriate for kids or teens bathrooms. I do enjoy the "Bathroom rules: wash, brush, floss, flush" wall decal, a little reminder never hurts, right? My favorite funny bathroom wall quote is the "Baths 5 cents, soap & towel extra". I think the third one is funny, but my tween would kill me if I put this up in any of our bathrooms. She's in that phase where everything embarrasses her. Anyway, is says: "If you sprinkle while you tinkle, be a sweetie, wipe the seatie."

The final two add more of a serene, peaceful message to the bathroom.

Lettering For The Laundry Room...

With three kids, I spend ludicrous amounts of time doing laundry. Laundry rooms often don't have a lot of character, so adding wall decal quotes is a fun way to liven it up. Most of the laundry room quotes are funny, I suppose it helps to have a sense of humor when you're buried under a seemingly bottomless laundry hamper.

Quotes for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house, let's face it. No matter what I do, that's just where everyone congregates, both family and friends. We all enjoy putting personal touches in our kitchens, it's just a room that sparks creativity. Quotes are very popular in kitchens, probably for that very reason.

The final one "Because every picture has a story to tell" could go anywhere, of course. But, a trend in framing pictures for the kitchen/family room has become huge. This is a lovely way to showcase the family. My favorite of all wall quote decals.

For more inspiration, check out live laugh love wall decor!


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  • profile image

    Raimer Gel 3 years ago

    Is it possible to put newspaper page designs on walls instead of putting simple quotes? That would be great.

  • wordscribe43 profile image

    Elsie Nelson 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

    I love them too, Jamie. They are so homey and fun. Thanks for coming by!

  • Jamie Brock profile image

    Jamie Brock 6 years ago from Texas

    I LOVE these vinyl wall quotes! They are gorgeous and just such a nice touch to a plain wall.

  • wordscribe43 profile image

    Elsie Nelson 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

    Ingenira, thanks! I do, too. I could easily go overboard with these, though!

  • Ingenira profile image

    Ingenira 6 years ago

    Oh how I love these Wall Decals Quotes !