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Wall decals to strike the perfect mood

Updated on September 9, 2013

When living in an apartment most of the time you are not given the freedom to paint and decorate your walls in whatever fashion you please. This also goes for when you want to make a change in a room but don’t necessarily want to make the commitment of painting or pasting wallpaper. Fortunately there are tons of companies now-a-days that are creating great wall decals to give a room that special punch or spice it up to create a great mood. Continue reading for some great ways of adding some pizzazz to your décor.

3D Wall Art

3D Wall decor is a design company that makes it easy to install three-dimensional interior wall panels from bamboo pulp. These designs are easy for the home owner to install and make a great accent piece. The panels have the feel of solid fiberboard, are made from a sustainable natural material and can be easily painted with wall paint.

Inspirational Messages / Wall Poetry

Try adding extra inspiration to a room with a little wall poetry. Find a quote that really speaks to you to inspire you in the morning or an inspirational quote that welcomes you home and keeps you encouraged after a long day of work. Check out ’Wall Art Studios designs.

Wall Decals for Children

Instead of trying your hand at painting a whimsical design on your child’s wall or paying a pretty hefty price for an artist to paint a wall mural that your child will eventually grow out of, try fun wall decals. They come in every style from 3D butterflies fluttering up to the ceiling, to your child’s favorite character. Best of all, as your child grows and matures you can easily switch out the designs much easier than repainting. Check out My Wall Tattoos for some great options.

Eco-minded Decals for Electricity Sockets

Keep eco-minded with these fun decals that will help you and your family remember to turn off the lights and unplug electronics not in use. Check out these fun ones by Hu2 Designs .


Water-saving Decals

Also by Hu2 Designs are these great ones for keeping in check with water usage. Remember the fish in the sea and the energy it takes to heat up your bath water with these great visuals.

The Nature-lover

Bring organic shapes and colors into your home in a more contemporary way with wall decals. You can have a minimalist room design with accents or add just a little more warmth to a room with a wall decal.

Organic Decals

Simplistic and organic does not have to be plain and boring. Wall decals can offer a room a beautiful design focal point and keep it looking sleek and sophisticated.

How to apply your wall decal

Add a Virtual Headboard

Add a virtual headboard to your bedroom that really features your personality. The bedroom is an area where your personality should shine through and be emphasized. For the globetrotter try a wall decal map of the world, every time you visit a new location mark it down on your map. This is a great conversation piece.

A Cultural Connection

Stay true to your roots and add some cultural richness by sticking up a wall decal in your living space. Try decorating in a way that really shows your ethnicity and creates a warm and inviting ambiance. Connect with your Asian culture by adorning your room with a Japanese maple tree from .

Design your Own

If you have an idea, most of the companies that make wall decals have the option to design your own and will ship it to you. Add calligraphy letters above your bed for the newlyweds or for roomies add a statement piece of artwork that signifies your friendship. Any idea you have is probably possible and would be a great way to add your signature to a room. The above wall piece is a Banksy graffiti piece redesigned as a wall decal, but think of your own to express your creativity.

Happy decorating and check out some more of our articles at the Jetstream’s HubPages.

- The Jetstream



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