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Wall tapestries

Updated on March 17, 2011
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Wall tapestries are useful

To put on a tapestery on a wall is much more that ordinary decoration. It is more like a soft peace of art. A kind of painting made from cloth. Some of the tapestries are motif from famous painters or artists. Vincent van Gogh is represented here. Click away and choose!

I especially like the tapestry as the only adornment on a wall with nothing else. It kind of stands out then. I have had really large tapestries instead of wallpaper even. Soft colours and lovely to touch made them popular with my famliy and friends.

Van Gogh Irises
Van Gogh Irises

A little tips

Once when we lived in an apartment that needed one more room, we took a sturdy book case, placed it between the childrens two beds and still allowed the window to give light on both sides, and I put a lovely tapestry on the backside of the case. The children loved it and the dull back side was covered in a easy way!

I can recommend to use more than one but a word of warning: Be careful with the color mixes.

If you live in an old house with draft from some of the walls and windows, you will like these tapestries for that reason. I also used them for that reason when I lived in a hut once.

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    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 7 years ago

      These are lovely tapestries. I would love to have one in my dining room.