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Wanting To Go Gothic Home Decor

Updated on May 14, 2019
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Emily is an aspiring writer, someone who loves to write for fun, for a hobby, and for her career. Bringing those stories to life is a goal.

Get an idea on what Gothic items you are looking for

Out of ideas? Need new ideas? Then check out these simple tips you can boost your creativity with!

  1. Write down what you think needs to lose color! What type of black-item would best suit your Gothic Decor idea?
  • For your list, A will be the name of the product, B will be the cost and C will be the location on where to find it.
  1. Do you want everything black? Or just some things?
  • On the list you already provided yourself with given ideas for items you may need, also put down how much of that item needs to just be all-black. For example, your couch cover, pillows for the couch or your bed even, perhaps you could hang some picture frames instead or just be a simple person and purchase a rug.
  1. You can go all out or be a simple Goth.
  2. Doesn't matter how wild everything this, it matters how much you're going to enjoy living in your dark hole.
  3. The nifty thing is, is that it is your choice on how dark you want it. Heck, you can even make a grayscale and still have a Gothic theme.
  4. It's also not just decoration through pictures frames or furniture, you could also collect skulls or figures of the sort to give it that Gothic vibe as well.

Gothic Decor


How to get started

Now that your list is completely filled with ideas and what you have an idea on what should be all black or not, then go ahead and start imaging where you could either set down that item or replace it with another.

  1. Couches, you can always get a cover for that if needed. But if you are truly picky and need it all-black, then you can definitely check out some furniture stores in your area and keep in mind how much what you are looking for, costs.
  2. Rugs are simple, just like couches, you could either buy a new one or you could just keep it as is and place something like a coffee table over it to give it more fashion in your living room, (or bedroom if you have tiny carpets/rugs for your nightstands).
  3. Chairs are literally another thing of a couch but smaller, with these, whether they come with covers too or not is simply up to you. In my opinion, I would just buy new pillows to set on them, and yes, the color of the pillows will have to be black.
  4. Your walls, if allowed to be painted over can be black too or kept the way it is. Besides, think about it, do you want to stay there forever? If so, by all means, if not then perhaps you could wait a few more months or weeks to paint anything.
  5. Storages/shelvings can be black too, besides regular shelving you could go for more of a coffin type look. You can build your own or maybe find your own coffin shelving elsewhere.
  6. More black blankets the merrier!

Framed Crow Skull, gothic home decor wall hanging, Halloween decoration, bird skull resin replica, Black Victorian macabre bat frame. ... Tim Burton custom portrait Scary movie Gothic home decor Personalized horror decor Dark soul poster Creepy cute art Printable dark fantasy.

It doesn't have to be all-black

Although one would assume if you had all black to your life than that would be considered a Gothic person more over than someone who wears red or pink. Well, if you love red as a Goth, then maybe some of these ideas could help you out.

  1. You can buy red blankets either by itself or an ombre effect with another color.
  • Personally, if you are going to get an ombre-type red blanket then I'd suggest a half black and red material.
  1. You can also buy some red decorative objects for your house or apartment as well, like before, it doesn't have to be all black. Just add some grunge to the style and you'll be set to go.
  2. Another thing is also the furniture. Most wouldn't want to go that far but in the end its what makes you comfortable and happy. You could very well buy an all red set of furniture if needed and throw a black blanket over it! It'll be stylish.
  3. Your walls could also be half black and half red if desired.
  • If you want everything red and still want to be goth, then add some darker colors to the touch to make it dark and creepy. The darker colors can be consisted of the red branch.

Red Gothic Decor


Neon Goth

Red, black, what else? Neon!

  1. Make everything black at this point but only add the neon colors where you think they should go.
  2. Your lighting can be neon, maybe an ombre effect on your walls if you ever wanted to paint them, you can add neon blankets or curtains or pillows too. You name it!
  3. Can be whatever neon color you love the most too!
  4. If you don't want all black with little neon colors then try switching the color scheme up a bit. Go off what you desire most.
  5. If you want to paint your toilet neon then do it! Besides everywhere else within your place, go above and beyond what you think works best for what you have in mind!

Classic Goth Decor


Besides going crazy, try Classic Goth Decor!

Classic, in my opinion, isn't just black, its a grungy type look with a bit of older antique items to add to the list.

  1. Get a record player!
  2. Older picture frames captured back in time, if you could find one, or use a family members picture instead and hang it up in the hallway or living room.
  3. Furniture would be another thing you could try to find that would be deemed Classic for your own taste.
  4. If you are one for telephones and how they used to look, then that's something you could very well add to your list!
  5. Perhaps besides your living room, you could try to find something for your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen as well!
  • Your list doesn't also have to end either, keep adding to it if needed!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Emily Murray


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    • Emmeillie profile imageAUTHOR

      Emily Murray 

      23 months ago from Phoenix, AZ

      @AlexanderJamesGuckenberger I am!! and yeah haha, it's different for everyone with the Gothic culter, I fell in love with the cutler through family and I completely understand the skinny jeans thing haha.

      But, thank you for the comment! I'm happy you like my post :).

    • Guckenberger profile image

      Alexander James Guckenberger 

      23 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

      Are you ready for that new "Adam's Family" film then? I love goth culture. You write that it doesn't have to be all black to be goth. However, my first goth girlfriend always wore black. I think she wore tight black jeans, if I remember correctly. Tight jeans can be attractive on a woman, but on a man it just makes me hurt. I did try the tight jeans at one point in time, and thus the reason for why I know the pain... anyway, thank you for sharing! ^_^


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