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Washable Bed Pads

Updated on January 19, 2011

Find the best-valued washable bed pads from this hub. We have exclusive deals for reusable bed pads and a learning resource—including tips on taking care of bed pads and selecting the right one for you.

Using bed pads means you no longer have to change the whole bed or bed sheet. Absorbent bed pads can be used for babies, pregnancy, old age and everything in between. Everyone can now enjoy peace of mind and full night’s sleeps.

For some excellent deals on reusable bed pads, see the products below. To learn more about these pads, including what you should look out for when buying, see the short articles posted after the products. Good luck on your quest and we hope you find the right bed pads for your application.

Bed Pad Articles

Below is an excellent read on how to make an informed decision when choosing between reusable and disposable bed pads. Please consider investing some time to read it. In the future I will add more articles in this portion to further help those currently looking for bed pads.

Bed pads—reusable or disposable?

Bed-wetting and incontinence is a whirlwind of struggles—both physically and emotionally. You should take what you can get and go with things that can make life a little easier for you. To solve the dilemma between washable and disposable bed sheets could be one of these things. Below are some tips and points to consider when selecting between the two.

A washable bed pad is great when it comes to saving money. Comfort is also associated with it because chances are, your bed pad is made from natural fibers such as pure cotton. You could purchase a pack of these and keep them in rotation, so you never run out of pads to use. However, many would still find washing annoying and time-consuming. Plus, water and detergent are not free, so you are not totally void of expenses.

Disposable are very convenient especially for if you are set-and-forget type of person. Using such is a total time saver so you can focus your attention on more important things in life. If you have the budget for disposables, I suggest you do so. However, there is also a downside to using these for the environmentally-aware. The materials used in these are similar to a diaper’s. These quickly fill landfills and they do not degrade quickly—just a simple cause of concern for those considering such.

It seems that at this point the question has not been answered yet on whether to go disposable or reusable. Personally—yes I have been there and done that—I go for reusable. Basing from the arguments presented above, yes I am quite a cheapskate and I value the environment. The time it takes to wash the pads does not bother me much. But, that’s just me.

I suggest you use the first couple of months to juggle between the two and try everything the market has to offer. This is the only way you can decide for yourself. A couple of months should give you enough time to realize the hassles of one over the advantages of the other. As always, good luck with your quest.


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