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Washer Dryer Combination Machines Can Do It All!

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Washer Dryer Combination Is The Solution For Today's Smaller Dwellings

A washer dryer combination is becoming more and more popular, especially for people who live in small homes or apartments with limited space. There are three types of washer dryer combination machines available: two-in-one machines, stackable machines and a unit known as a laundry center. Each of the washer dryer combination machines has various pros and cons to be considered before you make a purchase.

The Washer Dryer Combination Are De Rigeur In Europe

The two-in-one washer dryer is a popular item in Europe where living quarters are quite small. These washer dryer combinations take up very little space and can be stored away when not in use. The steam dryer eliminates the need to vent the machine and they can usually be run on a regular household current.

The Frigidaire Affinity Series Washer Dryer Combination is one of the most attractive units available.
The Frigidaire Affinity Series Washer Dryer Combination is one of the most attractive units available.

While these washer dryer combinations are reasonably priced, they have a limited clothes capacity that can make doing laundry a much longer than normal task. They also seem to lack the variety of settings you would find on regular washers and dryers.

Stackable washer dryers are two separate appliances, one on top of the other to save space. They include many washing and drying settings and can accommodate the same amount of clothes as the regular machines. If one appliance needs to be replaced, you don't have to replace the other one.

One drawback is that this washer dryer combination has to be specially mounted, best done by a professional. Another thing is that the dryer usually sits on top, making it difficult for shorter people to reach the door and controls.

A laundry center is one tall appliance that houses separate washer and dryer units. Generally the washer is at the bottom and may be top- or front-loading. The dryer is not nearly as high as a stackable unit, making it easier to reach. One major problem with this type of washer dryer combination is that if one breaks down you'll have to replace the whole unit.

The Duet Washer Dryer Combination from Whirlpool can wash up to 16 pairs of jeans at once!
The Duet Washer Dryer Combination from Whirlpool can wash up to 16 pairs of jeans at once!
This GE Washer Dryer Combination fits perfectly into any décor.
This GE Washer Dryer Combination fits perfectly into any décor.

Seek Out A Major Name Brand Washer Dryer Combination

Washer dryer combos are not truly mini washer dryer machines but can be full sized washer dryers that are stacked one atop the other. The combination washer and dryer machines have become very popular as individuals move into smaller accommodations. The stackable washer dryer combination machines save precious floorspace!

For those small residential units like basement suites, there are ventless washer dryer combination machines that are easy to install just about anywhere. Of course there are other forms of compact washer dryer combination machines and even portable washer dryer combination setups that you can literally take with you wherever you go!

There are many washer dryer combination units on the market and they vary widely in price, features, and quality. Some of the most well known and respected major name brands of washer dryer combinations include the LG combination washer dryer, the Haier washer dryer combination and the Thor washer dryer combination.

Beware Of The Delivery Costs Of Your Washer Dryer Combination

 If you do your homework and look carefully at the various models generally available from bricks and mortar local retail stores or even the online web based appliance etailers, you can find the perfect washer dryer combination. Just be aware that the delivery costs can add considerably to the final price!

A Great Samsung Washer Dryer Combination Commercial

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    • WasherDryerCombo profile image


      6 years ago from Florida

      Very nice hub! I especially like the tip where you point out some general awareness towards shipping costs. There are a lot of people that see a great deal online, but don't take into account the shipping into the total cost.

      I operate and manage a website based on similar topics to this hub. For more information about my website, check it out here:

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great hub! I love my stackable washer dryer.


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