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Washington State Residents Get 60% Off Insulation Costs

Updated on July 18, 2010

If you have issues like ice damming shown in the illustration above (The Illustrated Home, 2004), chances are you need an insulation upgrade. But if your budget is tight, there are not a lot of extra funds to do a project like this. If you are a resident in the state of Washington, you may be able to get 60% of the cost of insulating you house for free.

Residential Efficiency Rebate Program

This program is designed to give homeowners the opportunity to get their homes properly insulated at less than half the normal cost. This program has is a rebate program which means that you are responsible for the full balance of the payment initially. A rebate check for 60% of the job performed will be granted to you after the project is completed. This program also has incentives for energy efficient appliance upgrades and ductwork sealing. The Residential Efficiency Rebate Program is not available in all areas of Washington.

If you are considered to be in the low income tax bracket, these services may be available to you for free through a Washington state weatherization program. These programs are designed to take some of the financial burden of high utility bills away by performing energy efficiency measures to your home.


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