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Washroom Redesign Considerations

Updated on March 28, 2014

Washroom Design, It Pays To Get It Right

Designing good functional and robust washrooms will save you a lot of time, effort and probably money in the long run.

There are many elements in the design process but without question the first step is to establish the sector you are dealing with and the profile of the expected users. The type of use combined with some forecast as to the frequency of use will point you down the right design path.

Washroom Market Sectors

So what are the market sectors for washrooms and toilet cubicles?

Typically the business is divided into the following business sectors:

  • Transport
  • Office Washrooms
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Public Sector
  • Healthcare

But why is this important you ask

Well each sector has different basic design requirements and will typically have to cater for different levels of traffic.

Now obviously there are areas of overlap but it is important to understand where you sit. (No pun intended :-) ) Some sectors like healthcare have different quality standards that they must adhere to.

A washroom for business directors will probably place a greater importance on style and visual impact compared to a motorway service station washroom which will be be more interested in robust low maintenance desidn

Some More Details About Washroom Sectors

Office Washrooms

It is often the aim of the Commercial Office sector to reflect their corporate image through the design of their washroom.

Executive office washrooms will employ beautiful materials such as real wood veneer, natural stone or granite. Often a stunning visual impact is created by the use of glass. At the working end, offices will often require a more functional solution and therefore use a combination of laminate and solid materials creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance whilst still providing the required functionality.

Sports & Leisure Washroom

The Sports and Leisure sector offers a significant challenge to designers. They need to cater for high traffic levels with demanding safety and hygiene requirements. This is all combined with the need to create an pleasing visual environment.

Choice of materials is critical here. Typically Solid Grade Laminates, which are impervious to water and extremely robust are used.

Entertainment Sector Washrooms

Creating the correct ambiance for venues is of primary importance to the entertainment sector.
Restaurants, bars and hotels often require a dramatic visual impact whereas venues such as art galleries and museums demand a calmer more sophisticated feel.

This makes it important to work and select from a wide range of washroom designs and product options.

Education and School Washrooms

This is one of the most challenging sectors. With hygiene, safety, functionality and durability all high on the priority list.

The exact requirements will vary for early years washrooms to graduate facilities.

Pre-school and Primary washrooms must provide fun, safe and hygienic environments as first impressions will influence a child’s personal development.

College and graduate washrooms err more towards the functional and high traffic solutions.

Again it is important that designers work with a wide range of washroom styles and product options.

Retail Washrooms

Whether you are dealing with a large shopping complex or a general store, a wide range of washroom solutions are required to provide attractive safe, functional and robust designs.

Transport Sector Washrooms

High use and increased threat from vandalism are key parameters here. However we need to offer washrooms that are visually welcoming with good hygiene characteristics provided by ease of cleaning and maintenance.


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