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Water Filtration: How to Filter Water at Home

Updated on January 23, 2012

Home Water Filtration

Know your options on how to filter water at home to insure that you have access to pure, clean filtered drinking water at all times. There is more than one way to effectively filter the contaminants out of your home's tap water to make it a healthier option. Here are some of the most common ways to set up your home's water filtration so that you can start drinking clean, filtered water.

With quality filtered water systems you can enjoy healthy water by the glass or pitcher or bring it with you to work or in the car instead of buying bottled water day after day. For a reasonable investment in a water purification device you will save money, time, and reduce trash - all while improving your family's water supply.

Large Water Filters for the Refrigerator

One great drinking water filter system is the large container that sits in the refrigerator and keeps several cups of water clean and cold for the whole family. If you drink lots of water or have a family this is a great option. Another benefit is that you won't see any filtration device out in your kitchen if that is something you'd prefer to avoid.

These large water purifiers work by including a filter in the tank that the water passes through before entering the large chamber. You will find products that hold plenty of water, such as the Pur 18 dispenser that will hold a whopping 18 cups of water at a time, so you won't have to refill it every other cup. That makes these large tanks a viable option for filling water bottles as well as a single cup.

The primary benefits are a large capacity, low cost, and cold water. The downside is that you need to manually refill the tank.

Water Pitcher for the Refrigerator

If you are looking for a smaller size, a filtered water pitcher that you keep in the refrigerator is another great option. Smaller than the large container like the Pur 18, a pitcher will still keep several cups of clean water cold in an easy to pour pitcher.

The most popular pitchers are those like the Brita series, the ones that made the filtered water pitcher famous. The best thing about pitcher water filters is that they are easy to carry to the kitchen table and to pour for you and a quest and look good enough to bring out. They are also easy to fill with a smaller size that keeps the weight down. The downside is that you do need to refill them more often, but they are very inexpensive and do a great job of cleaning the water.

Faucet Water Filters

A super option for continuous filtered water straight from the faucet is to add a faucet filter at home. These little gadgets will filter glass after glass and are easily installed to almost any standard faucet in no time.

The best part about a water faucet filter is that it is always there to be turned on when you want it. You can turn it on and off so that you don't filter water that you don't really need to be filtered - water you won't drink. That extends the life of the filter so your dollars will stretch farther.

The best thing about a faucet water filter is that it is simple and doesn't take room in your refrigerator. You never have to refill a container. The downside is that it looks a bit funny attached to your faucet but the clean water you get is worth it.

The Best Water Filtration System for You

The best water filters for drinking water in your home will depend on your, your household size, and your kitchen. Many modern refrigerators come with built-in water filters but they can be expensive to maintain with a constantly expiring filter that costs up to $40 or more.

The options for filtered drinking water identified above will generally cost you less. If you don't have a filter in your appliance, these inexpensive and simple options are a great way to get water filtration in your home without a large up-front cost or monthly commitment.

Now that you know how to filter water at home easily, pick the water filtration method that is best for you and start enjoying clean, healthy water today.


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    • profile image

      PWalker281 6 years ago

      There are also filtration systems that are contained in water bottles that you carry with you (i.e., 24 oz bottles). My understanding is that hikers and people who spend a lot of time outdoors use them. I like the faucet system for the reasons you mention.

      Great overview of water filtration systems. Rated up and useful.