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The Best Ways of Growing Tomatoes

Updated on April 16, 2013
Tomato fruits
Tomato fruits | Source
Tomatoes growing in a greenhouse
Tomatoes growing in a greenhouse | Source

Among all the vegetables grown by most farmers, we can say that tomatoes are the most rewarding. These tomatoes are very easily to grow from the seeds. They can also be grown is a farm of any size. The ideal conditions should be a warm and well sheltered place.

Choosing the right variety is part of the process of getting a good harvest. The different pieces of land require different types of tomato varieties.

What are tomatoes?

We can lightly describe tomatoes as pulpy and tangy fruits which have a lot of meaty fresh. These fruits are classified in the same group as the Solanaceae family. The other member of this family is the potatoes, eggplants and peppers. It is important to know that the leaves are very poisonous and as a result are not consumed. Make sure you only consume the fruits.

People who practice modern farming or gardening make use of greenhouses or what is referred to as polytunnels. These structures are preferred because they offer the most ideal conditions for growing tomatoes. The output from these modern structures is of the highest quality. Bear in mind that the tomatoes which are ripened outdoors are the best ever. They have the best taste.

There are some tomato varieties which are developed specifically for growing outdoors and indoors. This is achieved by growing the tomatoes in containers and then hanging them at your designated places.

All the common tomato varieties require plenty of sunshine, water, heat and food. That is the only way through which they can produce great fruits for human consumption.

What are the best ways to Grow Tomatoes?

Most people can agree with me that the fresh tomatoes that we grow at home are the best. You cannot compare them with those we get from the supermarkets or chain stores. In case you are committed, you can venture into tomato gardening and earn an income along the way.

You can visit the local general retailers to get tomato seeds that you can start out with. There are some retailers who can sale you tomato seedlings to ease the process for you. The tomato plants come in a number of sizes; some are very huge such as the beefsteak while others are small-sized such as the cherry tomatoes. There are also other sizes in between these two. If you are well-travelled, you might have spotted these tomatoes in people’s patios, balconies, window boxes and even the hanging baskets. This is a common practice across the world.

Steps to be followed when growing Tomatoes from seeds

Growing tomatoes from seeds is the best thing you can ever do as a gardener. The sowing of seeds is normally done some 6 to 8 weeks before the planting season starts. But, in case you are planning to grow the seeds in a greenhouse, then, you can carry out the sowing earlier than that. It is a good practice to spread the tomato seeds on the surface of good compost. They should subsequently be covered by about 1.5 mm of high quality composite. Using a watering jar spray some water on top of that. The tomato plants should never be exposed to frost or cold winds because these conditions can destroy the plants.

What to consider when Growing Tomatoes in a Greenhouse

The growing tomatoes indoors shorten the period required for tomatoes to mature by nearly one month. The Country Taste, Money Maker and Sungold are the best varieties for growing indoors. They are highly recommended by tomato farming experts. There are always detailed instructions on the best ways to grow these tomatoes on the packets containing the seeds. These instructions are to be followed to the letter.

When the tomato seedlings are about 15cm they should be transplanted to the greenhouse. This is the time when the flowers have started to open up. A large amount of composite should be available to facilitate the transplanting process. The manure to be used should be allowed to rot well before use. The soil in the greenhouse should be changed regularly. This practice helps to deal with the problems left by diseases as well as pests.

Always remember that the tomatoes to be grown in bags or pots have to be watered at a regular basis. The recommended dimensions for growing tomatoes should be followed with a lot of exactness. Spaces should be left between the plants as directed by gardening experts. Ideally they require you to leave 45 cm between the plants and 75 cm between the rows. In case you are growing the plants on bags, the maximum number of plants to grow in a single bag should be two!

Training Tomatoes

There are some factors that have to be considered when training tomatoes. The variety of tomatoes determines a lot what type of training is to be provided. There are varieties which are called cordon, indeterminate and determinate.


These types of tomatoes are the most common. They normally grow very tall in height. These tomatoes grow to the height of 2.5 meters. This happens in the warm conditions.


These varieties cease from growing earlier on than the indeterminate ones. These tomatoes are normally referred to as ‘bush’ or dwarf’ type. These are the best tomatoes for growing in hanging baskets. They are the most suitable because they do not need any form of pruning.

Semi determinate

These are commonly called cordons. They are easy to identify because they have short sized plants.

Taking care of tomato plants

Tomato plants should be guarded against pests and other diseases. Tomatoes plants are usually very sensitive to these two problems. The pests are usually considered to be a great menace. The aphids and the flea beetles are the most common pests that attack tomato plants. Tomato blight on the other hand is the most common disease that is normally caused by fungal and can attack the tomatoes at any time.

Tomato blight leaves yellow or brown spots on the tomatoes. This disease is normally caused by damp conditions. The plants which are affected are always burnt to prevent further spread to the rest of the plant population.


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    • gkerosi profile image

      Geoffrey Kerosi 4 years ago from Nairobi

      Hello teaches12345 ,

      Thank you for reading my hub and leaving a comment. I encourage you to go right ahead and plant your own tomatoes. It is easier when you are committed.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      I love tomatoes picked off the vine. You can tell the difference in taste from those store bought varieties. I may just have to grow some.

    • gkerosi profile image

      Geoffrey Kerosi 5 years ago from Nairobi

      Here is how to grow your tomatoes!