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Save Energy - Save Money

Updated on January 28, 2015

Become aware of your spending

The cost of energy is rising. And with the increasing technology demanding more and more electrical power, the need for energy isn't declining. While some of us complain about it but then eventually just go along with it, others find ways to reduce their energy costs. There are many different ways of saving energy that we can apply today, and those adjustments won't even cost us any money. It only takes some effort and maybe a couple of sacrifices.

Short showers versus full baths

Hot water is one of the expensive energy sources. You can really reduce your energy bill by taking short showers. Limit how often you take a full bath. A bathtop takes a good 50 liters to fill and 50 liters of hot water on a regular basis will definitely increase your energy bill.

Standby Power

It is estimated that about 10% of the residential energy usage comes from standby power. Standby power is produced by appliances and devices which cannot be turned off completely unless we pull the plug. Every home is estimated to have about 30-40 appliances, computers, tvs, etc that waste energy because they are basically plugged in 24 hours a day/365 days a year. Unplug all appliances and electrical devices when you don't use them, especially overnight. Only turn them on if you really need to use them.

Washer & Dryer

How to save energy by reducing the usage of washer and dryer is simple. Instead of washing your clothes after one day consider wearing them for another day or two. If they don't smell or are not stained there is really no need for you to toss them into the hamper just yet. Choose cold and warm water cycles instead of hot ones. If your laundry is really stained, pretreat it first before washing it. Give your washmachine an occasional rinse by adding some vinegar to a cycle. This will remove calcium deposits from hard water and even make your laundry softer. You might not have to use a fabric softener. Just give it a try.

Dryers use a lot of energy. Ways of saving energy is to simply not use a dryer. Instead hang your clothes on a clothline and iron those that need to be. Ironing of course will use up some power but in comparison to dryers it is still the winner.

If you are still washing and drying your clothes with old equipment consider replacing it with energy-efficient ones. It does make a difference.

Heater & Airconditioner

How to save energy when you are cold or hot? Most of us truly feel the need to turn up the heater or crank up the cooling system to feel comfortable. Try to turn down your heat by a couple of degrees. If you are absent for a longer period of time turn down your heat to a temperature that won't cause any damage to pipes. Never turn off your heat completely.

Your airconditioning system should be turned off when you are not home. There is no need to keep your house cool when nobody is home. Keep it off as often as you can. You can actually keep your house cool by closing all blinds. Open some doors and windows in the morning to get some cool air into the house.

The Light

Anybody that has kids will know that they always seem to leave the lights on. Teach your kids early about energy conservation, how to save energy by always turning off the light. As a matter of fact, a lot of times we turn on the light even if we don't really need it. Sometimes we can even switch to candlelight to conserve energy, especially in the evening. If you have not already done so, consider replacing your regular light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. They last longer and save you money.

There are still plenty of other ways of saving energy. Just take a walk around your house. Find alternatives how you can save energy. Put away some electrical devices or household appliances that you hardly use. Start unplugging your cables today. Keep your own statistics and compare your energy bills with those from last year. You might not be able to compare cost but at least usage. If your usage has gone down then you know that your effort are paying off.

Consider solar energy for your home

Start implementing solar energy where you can afford it. Producing your own energy will definitely save you money in the long run. You might have to invest at first but your electrical bill will be less as you are producing your own power, and most of all you are doing something wonderful for the environment.


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