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Ways to Avoid the Impacts of Storms and Snow on Your House Roof

Updated on April 13, 2017
Storm affecting house roof.
Storm affecting house roof.


Changing weather conditions can affect our residential properties in many, different ways. Sudden storms (include thunderstorms, windstorms, hailstorms, and etcetera) as well as the snow season, for instance, specifically targets the external portion of our houses, especially the roof.

These weather disturbances can either weaken or destroy our roofing system, which eventually shortens its life span. If left unattended, we’ll find ourselves changing our roofing sooner that we expect and thus, spend time, money and effort again. Fortunately, this risky outcome is preventable.

#1 Fix leaks ASAP!

Roofing maintenance can be a do-it-yourself job. This can apply, for instance, if you have new roofing and your house is manageable enough for a quick maintenance check. But if you have a big, tall house with complicated roofing system in place, then, of course, you need the help of professional roofers.

Early in the morning, around 6 to 8 o’clock, when the sun’s partially out, get a ladder and carefully climb up on your roof. Examine the roof for leaks from side to side, left to right. Using a pointed object like a stick to lightly rub on stained or blackened surfaces and corners to search for potentially rusted and weakened areas is a good strategy.

Once you find leaks and severe cracks, put a sign or a mark on each so you know where to go back during the sealing. Use sealants to seal those leaks, cracks and other minor problems. Fixing those leaks and cracks immediately will save you money in the long-run.

#2 Repair shingles quick!

Storms often bring strong winds that can destroy your roof by blowing out the granules of your shingles slowly or at once. Lose of granules can weaken the shingles and will expose them to greater damage. The wind can easily blow it away, creating big cracks and holes where the snow or the rain can come in and put your wooden structures and furniture at risk.

So when you see thinning or cracked shingles, make sure to replace them quickly. Of course, you entrust this task to roofing experts because they know how to install those shingles better.

#3 Remove the snow out!

It is actually easy to avoid the serious damages of snow if you have your own snow rake at home. The benefits you can get out of using this tool significantly outweighs the money you’ll spend for it. Snow rakes are very affordable. You can use them to reach out the roof snow and remove them efficiently with just one pull towards the ground.

Leaving the snow on your roof can destroy it’s structural integrity. The snow can be heavy enough for the roof. In general, house roofing can only carry 9 kilogram of snow per square foot. Those houses located in mountainous regions, however, may differ because their roofing are usually made to stand heavier particles.

#4 Search for ice dams!

After removing the snowflakes on your roof, check for ice dam formations. Ice dams pertain to areas where the snow converge or group together like a dam. These are usually found at the bottom edge of house roofing. The melted water can also stay in between the shingles.

#5 Connect with your insurer!

Of course, if your house is insured, be sure to get in touch with your insurance company before making any repair after the storm. This way your repair expenses will surely be covered by the insurer.


We can prevent costly damages to our house roofing due to climate change and changing weather conditions through these ways. If you think you can’t do it yourself, then think about the expert roofers like the best roofing contractors Ann Arbor, for instance.


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