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Interior decoration ideas to create organized space for gardening tools

Updated on August 11, 2016

Adjustable wire shelving extends vertical storage space. Get steel wall racks built to maximize your shelf area.

Organize long-handled tools like shears and brooms with wall-mount racks or include tool racks as part of a slat wall garage system.

Interior decorators in Chennai suggest that a wall calendar or memo boards placed near a potting bench can help you keep track of daily gardening chores and shopping lists.

Flexible tubes hanging from two-prolonged hooks make it easy to grab essentials for various summer activities.

Stock a bucket with towels, flip-flops and toys for various outdoor activities. It's great option to unload cleaning supplies.

Avoid the tangled mess of power tool cords or strands of outdoor lights with a cord manager. This simplifies the task of winding and unwinding cords.

Clear plastic containers organize seed starting pellets and pebbles. Use larger bins to store fertilizer, mulch and soil, etc.

A toothbrush holder keeps plant labels, pens, markers and other stationery, apart from tiny gadgets at the ready.

If you don't have too many hand tools, you can put them all in a bucket with a handle that you can take around with you into the garden.

A potting bench provides storage and doubles up as workstation at the proper height. Just remember not to clutter it up with unnecessary things.


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