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Weber's 6424 21-Inch T-Brush

Updated on June 05, 2012

I love to grill. I just hate cooking on a dirty grill. But, I never have found the perfect grill brush that would clean the grill off properly. For some reason, the hard wire grill brushes will clean the top of the grill and into the corners somewhat, but nothing totally clean. So, when I cook I have to bypass some of the corners because the sides are just not clean enough. If, the grill is not cleaned properly then you get some of the meat that just does not taste as fresh.

If, you have ever had meat of a grill that has not been cleaned then you know what I mean. Now I do understand leaving the old charcoal in the grill that gives the meat that much bore bolder flavor. That just tastes magnificent. So while searching for a new grill brush I came across the Weber's 6424 21-Inch T-Brush.

This is one of the best grill scrapers I have had the pleasure of using. Its stainless steel head and bristles are designed to get into even the toughest of cracks. They are made to wear long and even and still get every particle of food that is on your grill. They go up and around with just a couple of sweeps with the brush. The Weber's 6424 21-Inch T-Brush is also notable for porcelain cleaning off the grill strong enough to remove all dirt and grime and still leave no scratch marks. The extended handle is perfect for when you are reaching across large grills. But, no matter what you use is it for, it is the king of grill cleaners.

Product Features

1. Specially designed to reach even in the tightest corners

2. Stainless steel brushes will not scratch

3. Easy reach handle

4. Comfortable grip


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