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How to Replace The Line in Your String Trimmer!

Updated on March 22, 2015

These are examples of typical weedeater trimmer heads used today in both curved and straight shaft weed trimmers. We’ve removed these from the trimmer shaft, although you will probably not have to do that in order to replace the line. What you will notice on these weed eater string trimmer heads is that we have an 80 thousandths line, and a 95 thousandths line. We have some that have a single line exit, and some that have a 2 line exit. Also note that in electric trimmers, they will use even smaller line, like a 65 thousandths line.

To replace the trimmer line, we will need to remove the spools from these trimmer heads. Typical designs are a tab that you will press to remove the top, and get to the spool. Some weedeaters use a screw off type bump nut, and you will turn it in the direction that the arrow indicates. Or some use a combination of twisting and tab in order to get to the spool. To wind the trimmer line onto the spools, you will need to locate the holes. There will be 1 or 2 holes, depending on if it’s a 1 or 2 line trimmer head. Once you’ve cut your trimmer line (approximately 15 to 25 feet), feed a small section of it through the hole and wind it in the direction of the arrow.

If your weed trimmer head has 2 lines, you will need to take 2 equal lengths of line, insert them into the holes, and wind them in the direction that the arrow indicates. Once you’ve finished winding the trimmer line into the head, you can clip the trimmer line into the notches in the head so that it doesn’t come unwound on you, and then you can replace the spool back into the head. After you’ve rewound the spool with your trimmer line, it’s time to put it back into the head. Once you slide it into the head like that, you can take it out of the notches, wind it through the eyelets like that, and replace your retaining ring. And you’ve replaced the trimmer line in your weed eater trimmer head.


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