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Welcome to Janitorial Cleaning Service

Updated on March 22, 2011

Welcome to Janitorial Cleaning Service Business

Are you new to janitorial service?

Do you work for a cleaning service provider?

Here are few words to welcome you to this wonderful business.

Welcome notes:

Greetings !

Welcome to janitorial cleaning service industry.

The janitorial service industry is a hard working service provider, however, you can have much satisfaction with what you do, because you can see the results of your fine works after you are done. Your service is important not only to your customer but also to the company that you represent.

What you do will reflect on yourself and your company. With that thought in mind, please keep a positive mental attitude and do your best.

Reporting for work:

You should be at your work place at least 15 minutes before starting time. If you are there little early to get yourself ready to clock in and ready to go on time, this shows your proper positive attitude about your work.

You should also have your uniform including proper shoes for work. Your proper dress and grooming reflects well about you and the company you represent. So, please give attention to your dress and grooming. Your company should provide you with proper dress and grooming code. Please get familiar with it and apply these.

Your company should also provide you with company rules and regulations during your working hours until you clock out. Please also get familiar with these and apply them.

Dealing with customers:

As you represent your company, it is very important that how you deal with your customers is professional, friendly, courteous, etc. Sometimes, your customers can be unreasonable and demanding, however, you still must deal with them professionally. Do not lose your cool. If you cannot handle the situation reasonably, do not try to deal with them by yourself. Please call your supervisor, operation manager or owner of your company and ask them to help in dealing with your difficult demanding customers.

Dealing with coworkers:

Dealing with your coworkers can be very challenging, especially if your personality is very different, or his/her work attitude is not up to company standards. However, you must learn to work well with other coworkers and learn to deal with individuals at your work place. As you face challenging situations, think about how you can deal with them positively. If you need help, you can always ask your supervisor, operation manager or even human resource department manager who might be able to give you some suggestions on how to deal with difficult people.

Do not handle these situations by yourself:

Very angry coworker.

Confronting someone with accusation of theft.

Any emergency situation calls for 911.

Call your immediate supervisor first!

Ten commandments at your work place:

Punch in on time.

Do not handle personal business during work hours.

Work hard.

Listen to your boss.

Do not steal.

Do not hide during work hours.

Get along with your coworkers.

Do not lie.

Do not get angry with your customers.

Be happy.

Again, welcome and have fun learning and growing with cleaning service business.

For more information on janitorial service business, please visit our website at:


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