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10 Ideas For Well-Ordered Bathroom

Updated on March 23, 2016

Structuring & Managing Well-Ordered Bathroom

Keeping in mind the immense benefits of bathing, it’s important for us to have a well ordered bathroom which is lucrative enough to make us take bath every day to stay healthy and to maintain our hygiene well.

Bathroom Fittings
Bathroom Fittings | Source

1. Safe & Comfortable To Use

  • In residential space the design of a bathroom needs to reflect the fact that it is a divided space.
  • It should be safe and comfortable to use, by each member of the resident.
  • To Increase the Comfort Level, you can add Sitting Stools In Your Bathroom.
  • It is advisable to to attach grips close to the bath which helps in making life easier for children and the elderly.

Well Furnished Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom
Modern Bathroom | Source

2. Accessorize your Bathroom

  • Accessories create a dramatic difference to the style and character of a bathroom.
  • Adding Accessories to your bathroom is a good way of introducing contracts of color, pattern and texture into the room.
  • In Bathroom, where the surfaces are cold and shiny, and fittings are hard and inflexible, it's the accessories which help create a more flexible and welcoming feel.
  • Clean-cut bathrooms can be glamorized with chrome and glass, or warmed up with baskets and wooden fittings.

Tip For Small Bathroom :

Add More Mirrors!

  • If your bathroom is small then adding more mirrors in bathroom can make it appear more spacious.
  • Adding more mirrors also helps in making the task of grooming yourself easier.
  • Also, Add A Zoom-In Mirror to aid in doing critical tasks like shaving which requires close view.

Essential Bathroom Accessories

You should add following essential accessories to your bathroom for improved experience :

  1. Soap dishes
  2. Toothbrush holders
  3. Towel racks or hooks
  4. A shelf where items such as hair brushes and holders can be kept
  5. Mirrors : Placing Mirror in bathroom helps you in getting dressed.

3. Wisely Choose The Location Of Bathroom Accessories

Appropriate space should be located for Storage of below listed items. Location should be chosen wisely so that each item can be accessed quickly and easily when needed.

  • Towels
  • Bath Accessories and Toys
  • Jars Containing Bath Salts
  • Jars Containing Cotton Wool Balls
  • Laundry Basket
  • Dustbin
  • Toilet-Roll Holder
  • Necessary Toiletries.
  • Other Essential Bathroom Accessories.

Modern Bathroom
Modern Bathroom | Source

4. Make Creative Storage

  • Everything has to fit into what is commonly left over space.
  • A corner of an attic conversion
  • A windowless box made by dividing up a larger room.
  • Creating storage is a matter of making creative use of the space around fittings and exploiting walls to the full.
  • Keep Towels In Shelf Above Bathtub or Wash Basin For Quick Access.

Open Shelving Storage

Open shelving, freestanding cabinets and trolleys can be used if you wish for a less fitted look.

Show Off Colorful Bottles, Towels and Holders On Open Shelves.

  • You can easily turn your bathroom into a Home spa and create a stylish big impact on every person who uses it, by using easy decorating ideas.

  • On a windowsill, you can display bath salts, bubble bath and other bathroom necessities in pretty glassware.

  • The combination of the unique fixtures like an old dresser, table, brass mirror, a wicker chair and an angular oak cabinet creates a space with high style.
  • Towels with colors and bathroom filled with scented decorative flowers adds magic to the mood and decor of the bathroom.

Tip : Brighten Up Bathroom Using Lighting

To be economical and save electricity, make some Way For Natural Light. It also helps in calming your senses and giving natural feel to the bathroom.

5. Add Greenery To Your Bathroom

  • It's important to maintain the air quality in bathroom.

  • Air should be fresh, breathable, oxygen rich and with no bad smell.

  • To achieve better air quality inside bathroom it is highly suggest to keep a flower or plant in a small pot.

  • You can place the tiny plant near bathtub, wash basin areas.

  • Hand-painted aluminium flowers hung on walls create a garden oasis creates an awesome drama to it.

6. Extra Wash Basin

  • To avoid the situation of rush, which arrives certain times a day, it may be worth screening off the shower or bath area, or adding an extra basin, so that more than one person can use the room at the same time.

  • Also, if your bathroom is small, you can opt for wall-mount sink so as to make the space feel larger.

Tip : Add Wood Work To Your Bathroom for more natural and calm feeling!

7. Soothing Color In Bathroom (Prefer White & Blue)

  • There are many feel-good (soothing) color scheme to choose from for your bathroom available in the market today.

  • The correct color palette to choose from plays a vital part which contains the ability to inspire tranquility.

  • In this busy world, it’s becoming a choice of most homeowners to go for a soothing, calm and neutral colors for each and every part of their home inviting peace and relaxation which gives a feel of fresh air.

  • Thus, it’s very important to choose the perfect color for your bathroom too from the hues of colors available in the market today for enhancing the beauty of the bathroom.

  • The choice of colors does set a paramount in setting the mood even if the bathroom is small in size or less luxurious.

  • Soft hues of blues and green and some neutral colors are very much in these days, if you are aiming for a relaxing atmosphere.

  • If you have selected a neutral color for your bathroom you can play with colorful bottles and pave them on the shelves adding a mix-print and texture in your small bathroom.

8. Tile-Up Your Bathroom

  • According to the Interior designers, it’s said that tiles are the king of the bathroom renovation process.

  • It is suggested that you choose small tiles while keeping in mind the design shampoo niches or design of shower niche. Also, smaller tiles get graceful slopes too.

  • You should always keep in mind to double check for the tile size.

  • You will also have to check if the setting of the tile such that it goes well with the floor and walls.

  • Pay special attention while choosing a mosaic tile, pebble tile, glass work tiles, ceramic and porcelain tile.

  • The rustic overtones of tongue-and-groove paneled walls, for example, can be played up with painted shelves and colorful china, or with galvanized metal and collections of sea shells or pebbles.

  • There are wide range of tiles available in the market today such as glass, marble, limestone, granite, metal, terracotta, slate, cement bodied, etc.

  • Mostly the demand for featured tile or a second tile is rising these days.

9. Add Patterned Shower Curtains

  • All interiors designers say that curtains are one of the easiest ways to impart your room with a face-lift. Their power to brighten up or soften any room instantly is magical along with the drama and pattern it creates into a space.

  • Plain old curtains are replaced by Patterned shower curtains for any design style from modern to traditional makes a bold statement in your bathroom.

  • The beautiful and colorful designs of curtains also help in redefining your bathroom.

  • You can choose from the wide range of patterned curtains that's too soft to touch and drapes beautifully.

  • The uniquely woven fabric of curtains available in the market offers highlights and low-lights to catch the movement of the pattern which is inspired by the movement of water rushing over river stones.

  • There are some curtains also available in exotic pattern of teal and green tones that serves your bathroom with a splash of colorful character.

  • There are subtle pattern of the Window Curtain Panel that achieves the perfect balance between simplicity and splendor.

  • The panel's fabrics are mostly hand selected and tailored in Europe to create an exceptional blend of quality and elegance.

10. Maintain Clean Bathroom

  • Keeping up with the cleaning process on regular basis, helps us from cleaning the the painful dirt accumulated after a long time.

  • It’s a must to clean the bathroom regularly as it’s one of the most important part of the house and thus it is very important to keep it clean and hygienic.

  • The surfaces, walls, floor, shower and toilet should be sparkling clean at every visit.

  • Always put some disinfectant or bleach into the toilet bowl while keeping the fan and windows open ensuring proper ventilation.

  • Areas that need more focus while organizing the bathroom are basin and bath, often bathroom clutter tends to collect around them.

  • Clean the shower, sink, counter areas, mirror, walls, windows, ceilings with a little amount of baking soda and rubbing it using all purpose cleaner rug or sponge.

  • It’s strictly advisable to wear proper rubber gloves in your hands in order to protect them from the harmful disinfectants.

  • Scrub the toilet interior and exterior with a toilet grout brush which is porous and highly susceptible to bacteria growth.

  • After the dusting and cleaning of the parts of the bathroom mop the floor using hot soapy bleach water.

  • After the whole process run the fan to dry the floor area to avoid accidents on wet floor.

  • Pay attention on using clean and bacteria free towels in the bathroom and check for proper ventilation.

  • For the lazy ones, you can easily opt for larger slabs or glass panels if you are really lazy at cleaning.

  • Remove Unused & Extra Bottles & Products : Avoid stacking unnecessary items it the bathroom shelves as less things and furniture makes the cleaning process quick and easy.

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