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What 99% of people who have died wished they had done in their life!

Updated on May 19, 2013

How to be happy in life!

If you have ever been asked the question, "what would you do different in your life if you could live it over?", the answer is remarkable for many people. Most, given the same circumstances that they had experienced at life, have little they would do differently. Being honest with yourself, you will realize at the situations in your life and the elements that flow into your life, many wouldn't change a thing. However, most would agree that if there was one thing they could have done different in their life, the answer is usually unanimous...they would have taken the time to enjoy life!

What an interesting thought, that people would have enjoyed life, instead of trying so hard to get ahead, life is busy in itself going here going there, and we never seem to stop to appreciate the good things in life.

When was the last time you appreciated a nice sunny day, and just took the day off to enjoy it? Seems like when the day is nice, we have our schedules filled with places to go, groceries to get, people to meet. But did you stop and thank yourself for being alive to experience this day, to enjoy the warmth of the sun, the gentle breeze, the sound of the birds, the smell of fresh cut grass? For most, this is a glance of time during the day, and it becomes another day.

Enjoying life also involves your family, spending quality time with your children instead of trying to unwind at the end of a long day. I think people who experience life and wish they had enjoyed it more, are talking about spending time with their children as they grow up. We assume they will grow up and our lives won't be as busy once they are gone, but the truth is as a child, this is the best time of their lives, why not create lasting memories? When was the last time you took the afternoon to do something together? Have you gone to the park to fly a kite with your son, or go for a walk with your daughter? We usually push the kids away with having them watch a movie on the ipad, as we are busy getting dinner ready and on to the next project.

When people reflect on their lives, they realize it is busy, busy, without the time to enjoy those things that as a child, we appreciated and loved. When was the last time you did something similar to what as a child, you loved to do? If that was a day at the zoo, when was the last time you spent four hours to yourself, by yourself, and went to the zoo for a look? NEVER is usually the answer. For me, my enjoyment was to go to the airport and watch airplanes...I simply loved them and could spend the entire afternoon just waiting on the next airplane to land. As I grew older, I can't remember the last time I spent more than 30 minutes going to the local airport to watch airplanes...because I am too busy doing everything else. Things that don't bring me a good feeling, just things that keep me busy.

Take the time to enjoy life, to enjoy your friends, and to enjoy the day. Praise and appreciation for these things will reward you with a better feel for who you are and what you have done on this planet up to this point. Appreciating the day or an event will bring back those feelings of what life is about, and hopefully start you on a trend of enjoying more of those things that you like to do.

Make it a goal to look back on your life and say...I absolutely loved and enjoyed the best things in life, and am grateful to have had the experience of living my life this way!


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