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What Are the Advantages of Having a Home Security System

Updated on June 18, 2010


Every day in America there are 97,000 victims of crime, with 84% of these crimes being committed in large metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Sacramento, and Dallas.  Consequently, it is necessary to protect your home and family by every means possible. Perhaps one of the best ways to do this is with a home security system. Should you not think that a home security system is necessary, consider the following advantages of home security.

Advantages of Home Alarms:

A home alarm system offers security and peace of mind—you don’t have to stress over the “what ifs” that someone may break into your home and take your possessions or harm your family.

  • Installing a wireless home alarm, especially one from a nationally recognized company will ensure that you have the most advanced technology possible.
  • Home alarms offer protection 24 hours a day, every day of the year—criminals don’t take a day off and neither will your home alarm system.
  • When you have a home alarm system installed, be sure to get a certificate/ proof of purchase or activation that you can show to your home insurance provider. In most cases, installing a home alarm system will save you 10-20% on your insurance policy. 


Today’s home alarms offer a variety of features-

  • One touch access to important emergency personnel –fire department, hospital and police.
  • A panic button that triggers a high decibel alarm siren that alerts neighbors and the police.
  • Easily activated and deactivated alarm systems that are controlled with a button on your keychain remote.
  • Infrared interior and exterior motion detectors that can be set to know the difference between your pets and a person (In times past, many motion detectors would signal home alarms whenever an animal crossed its path.)
  • Security cameras—both visible as well as hidden that are easy to operate. They can be set up to work with your DVD or VCR, as well as with wireless transmitters that can record from up to 2,000 feet away

So, what is keeping you from having a home security system installed? Can you really put a price tag on the safety of the people you love? Even if you don’t live in a metropolitan area such as Los Angeles or Dallas, home security is a simple way to say “I love you!” and to protect those who matter most.


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