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What Are the Serious Risks of Having a Leaky Roof?

Updated on August 21, 2016
A cracked, damaged roof.
A cracked, damaged roof.


Yes, there are problems in our house, whether structural or aesthetic that can wait for tomorrow to be solved. However, there are also those that should be stopped and repaired immediately just like a leaking roof.

Leaking roofs happen due to many reasons. One of which is poor installation. Another is due to a storm or other natural calamities. Still another is poor maintenance. Take note that roofs can only last for about 2 to 3 decades, so it might be just the right time to change your roof.

A leak, whether small or big is a serious household maintenance problem. Why? You might think that it is simply a matter of structural issue, but this actually brings multitude of risks, especially the health and safety of your loved ones. A neglected leakage can go down and penetrate to your house foundation, which obviously can be very expensive to repair later on.

Below are a few major ways a leakage in your roof can damage your precious house.

The Attic and Ceiling

The damage starts at the attic of your home where you keep some stuff. If, however, you don’t have an attic or the leak’s hole is quite large, your ceiling will be the next victim. You might have noticed or are aware that if the ceiling absorbs water or moisture, it will result to discoloration.

Usually, a once bright color will turn to dark or brown. Another effect is that the decorative plasters, if you have them, will bubble and eventually expand; this losing their aesthetic value.

Worst, if the leak is done damaging your attic and ceiling, it will try to include the paint and other decorations on the nearest walls. So at the end, you can expect to see ceiling fans and lighting destroyed as well.

The Mold and Mildew

As you just allow the leakage to continue day after day, you will probably face the most severe effect of it through the growth of mold and occurrence of mildew. These two can go throughout your house foundation to the walls, ceilings, internally or externally, almost everywhere.

They can also go to your heating, ventilating and air conditioning system. They will then find a way towards the vents, giving them access to destroy your carpet flooring, furniture as well as your wardrobe.

There are many types of mold you have to eliminate. The most popular is black mold, which develops after a regular water leakage affects a thing. And out of this, it has two classifications, the toxic and non-toxic.

Although the first is quite rare, both of them are able to destroy the wooden frames and walls, floor covers, and ceiling. And the news is, mold is one of the hardest and costly to eliminate.

The Health Issue

The development of molds and moist brings serious health risks, most especially to the most susceptible or sensitive ones like the children or those suffering from any allergies.

They can cause asthma, rhinitis, and more based on a report released by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. And the worst thing is, once mold grow, they continue to reproduce and spread anywhere.

The Fire Danger

It is normal that our attic and ceiling have electric wiring, but if a leaking water occurs, shorted wires can happen that can result to fire. So once you see possible leakages, it is best that you turn off the electric source and let the experts check and solve the problem first.


Very dangerous, isn’t it? Before any of these can happen, always make home maintenance a priority and call the most trusted roofing professional or roofing contractor in your area. Moreover, always remember that storms and other natural disasters can result to major water leakages so always be prepared and attentive. If a leaking roof in Plymouth, Michigan happens, call the experts once and for all.


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