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What to do with leftover Coffee Grounds?

Updated on May 15, 2015
After coffee grounds and little rainwater
After coffee grounds and little rainwater

Uses for Coffee Grounds

There are many uses for used coffee grounds. I use them to help my flowers flourish. You can use coffee grounds in a few different ways to at nitrogen and other minerals to your soil. I put the grounds directly around the plants right before I water them. It seems to give them a boost and perks them up.

Orange Mint after a feeding with coffee grounds

Using as a liquid feed

If you have grounds sitting around your kitchen waiting to get enough to cover you plants, try putting them in a watering container and add some water. Let those sit for a day or two and when its time to water your plants, use the coffee water. This will dissolve in the water and make a great liquid feed for you plants. - In my research, I have found that geraniums are not fond of coffee grounds, however my mint plants love the coffee grounds and seem to double in size each time they get some. I put coffee grounds down about every two weeks just like as if using Miracle Grow.

Other Benefits........Keep Away Pests

During my research I have seen a lot of information about how coffee grounds helps deter slugs and snails. Living in the TX Panhandle, we have a hand full of snails here and after moving from WA State (with lots of slugs - and I wish I would have know about the coffee grounds deterring the slugs there, they loved our rose bushes!) I will be making sure to keep coffee grounds around the outside of my beds this year. I enjoy looking at my flowers and not seeing half the leaves eaten and snail slim all over the beds!!!!

We also have a ton of rabbits here and according my research, the rabbits and squirrels avoid coffee grounds too. Apparently they don't really like the way it smells. I will also be keeping coffee grounds around my garden!!!! It's a good thing that I am a coffee lover since I will be needing a bit of ground coffee for my garden and flower beds.

Plants that love coffee and Plants that don't

Acid loving plants are the best to put coffee grounds on. Just make sure you don't put to much on each plant, the flowers and fruit could be effected. Start out with just a small amount around your roses, blueberries and citrus fruit trees. Be ware with how much you give your tomatoes - to much could hinder the growth and production of your fruit when it come to your tomato plants. I put about a 1 teaspoon of coffee in my water about every two weeks when watering my tomatoes and they seem to be doing great. I have also noticed that when my Gerber Daisy's are looking a little dull, I will give them a kick of caffeine and the brighten up and look so much happier.

Coffee grounds release nitrogen, which is great for helping your plants to grow big, but they tend to release the nitrogen after they have decomposed in the soil. Adding your coffee grounds to your compose pile will really help your plants grow bigger without adding to much acid to the pH in the soil. I have two different compose piles, since I grow some plants that are not fond of coffee in their compose, so that I can equally make all my plants happy.

One of the best feelings is going out and looking at all my flowers and garden and thinking to myself, WOW, look at what I can grow!

Know your soil levels before you use

Knowing the levels in your soil before you use coffee grounds is very important. Living on the west coast the grounds are less likely to have the acidity for some plants and adding coffee grounds would boost your plants growth. Living on the east coast, your soil levels may have enough acidity for your plants already. Adding coffee grounds directly to the plants in some areas could be more hazardous than good. Its always a good idea to know your soil before planting and fertilizing.

I am in zone 7 and our soil is very hard and compacted, so it does drain very well. I have noticed that some of my plants do great while others struggle. I add coffee and sand to some of my plants during the transplanting of them, such as my tomatoes, but limit the amount of coffee to those plants. This seems to help the soil around the roots to have a bit better drainage and the plants thrive. Asking your local nursery where purchase your plants or seeds will help give you an idea of what will work best when transplanting and fertilizing.

About the Author

I have been gardening since 2006 - It all started when I was pregnant with my youngest child. I decided that I wanted to grow healthy organic food for my family. My mom is great with gardens and canning so I figured that if she could do it why couldn't I? She has taught me most everything I know about gardening and canning. What I write about is based on personal experience and research on the world wide web. I have made many mistakes and continue to make them with my flowers and gardens but love every minute of it.

One of my favorite things to grow are potatoes because they are my favorite food and they are easy for my children to help plant. I have been teaching my children how to grow their own food and cook since before they could walk and it has been an amazing bonding experience for us as a family. My 12 year old son enjoys it the most out of my 3 kids.

I am always looking for a way to reduce the amount of weeds in my garden and adding coffee to my mulch has seemed to help while it also encourages my plants to grow bigger. I grow my own herbs, such as Rosemary, Lavender, mint and oregano for use in not only my cooking but also in my soap making.

I hope that you find this blog helpful and would love to hear from you.


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