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Earth Day- Celebrate by Using Solar Fountains

Updated on March 15, 2012


Earth Day is a day to raise awareness about our precious and diverse environment. It is a time for us to come together and take responsibility for all that we do to contribute to pollution, and to take action by making changes to improve the condition of Earth.

By using natural resources irresponsibly, we damage the air, soil, and water. Pollution has created a hole in the ozone layer of the atmosphere, causing us,animals and plants to be exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition to pollution, we need to be concerned about habitat destruction and poaching which leads to endangered species. Many conservation groups are focused on finding ways to protect different species from becoming endangered or extinct.

Senator Gaylord Nelson
Senator Gaylord Nelson


Earth Day was established April 22nd, 1970 by then US Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin. He was inspired by the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara and by student anti-war protests. Over 20 million people participated in the first Earth Day festivities, which was the largest organized celebration in the history of the United States. This event sparked government to organize the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Clean Air, Water and Endangered Species Acts. Now more than a billion people, in 192 countries, participate in Earth Day activities.

Planting Trees
Planting Trees


Actions you can take could be to put solar panels on your home, or to pledge to recycle all your plastic grocery bags each month. Organize a community effort to plant trees, or change your light bulbs to more energy-efficient bulbs. You could use solar products in your garden, eliminate the use of toxic household cleaners, compost, turn off lights after leaving a room, use the cold cycle in your washer and hang your clothes to dry.

Kensington 2-Tier Solar-On-Demand Fountain
Kensington 2-Tier Solar-On-Demand Fountain


You can create your own celebration of Earth Day by planting a flower or vegetable garden and adding a solar fountain to it. A garden full of rich soil and beautiful blooms allows you to enjoy all that nature can give right in your own yard, patio or deck. Specific types of flowers and bushes will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Using only the power of the sun, a solar garden fountain will attract birds who are looking to preen themselves. The gentle, continuous flow of water in a garden fountain can be a central focus of your garden space. Consider placing a garden bench near your newly created oasis so you can spend quality time releasing the stress of the day.


How can the changes that you make as an individual possibly impact the health of the environment? Earth Day works to broaden the support for environmental programs and strengthen community activist groups. It encourages everyone to do something to help protect the environment so that there is a measurable impact in the future. This special day inspires people to make a commitment to protect the Earth, not just one day, but all year-round. We are working together toward a sustainable future for the benefit of all generations.


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