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What Can You Do to Get Help With Foreclosure?

Updated on December 2, 2011
Help With Foreclosure
Help With Foreclosure | Source

With no end in sight to the foreclosure issues faced in the US, finding ways to get help with foreclosure can be frustrating. There are many different ways that you can get help and many of them are free.

Foreclosure Mediation
In mediation, two parties get together with an independent third party to try to resolve the issues. In the case of foreclosure, it is you getting together with someone who represents your bank and a third party. If you are having a difficult time communicating with your lender or if you want an objective person to help you with your mortgage company, this might be a good solution for you. Check with your lender to see if they would be willing to go through the mediation process with you. You may need to pay for it so check to see who in your area does foreclosure mediation and what they charge. Foreclosure mediation may even be mandatory in your state. Check your local laws to find out for sure.

Foreclosure Workshops
Many areas have free foreclosure workshops that are hosted by government agencies or non-profit agencies. These are great resources to help with foreclosure. Here you can get your questions answered and to find out how the foreclosure process will work. Foreclosure laws vary from state to state to check to see if the workshop you plan to attend will address how the laws work in your state. A good foreclosure workshop will also address all of the different options available to you to stop the foreclosure, including how to work with your bank and government programs. Check your local paper and local city and county websites to see if there are any foreclosure prevention workshops in your area.

Avoiding Scam Artists
Once your foreclosure becomes public, there will be all sorts of people offering to “help.” Sadly most of them will be con artists. They may offer to buy your home and let you keep it. Most of these will be a scam. There are very few legitimate companies that offer this kind of service. Others will offer to help you modify your loan with the bank. If they ask you for significant payment upfront or require you to sign any kind of contract, you are likely better off walking away. There is free help with foreclosure out there from many different non-profit and government agencies.

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