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What Color Palettes Work with Mirrored Furniture?

Updated on July 11, 2010

At one time or another in everyone’s life they are faced with the task of designing a room. Unless you stay living in your parents’ house your entire life you will need to walk into an empty home or apartment, take a look at empty floors and bare walls, and come up with a complete look. Even an amateur home decorator knows how important it is for all of the elements of a room to work together to achieve the same tone.

So you’ve got this bare room sitting in front of you and you have all of that old mirrored accent furniture sitting in the U-Haul out in the driveway and you need to figure out what color palette you want the room to use. The great thing about mirrored furniture is the fact that it goes with a wide variety of color schemes and color palettes and helps to encourage a certain tone by accenting the surrounding design elements. However, even though mirrored furniture goes with a bunch of different color schemes, it doesn’t go with all of them.

Here are two of the room color palettes that work almost 100% of the time with mirrored furniture pieces. Each of them brings about a distinct and individual tone to a room so you can choose what mood you’d like to set. For more information you can always visit the Mirrored Furniture Gallery. Anyway, without further adieu:

Whites, Grays, and Gold:

Whenever you place mirrored furniture pieces in a white room you are going to give off a sterile, almost hospital, atmosphere but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you choose to use this color palette in a room with lots of windows it is going to be the brightest room in your house.

Blues, Black, and Silver:

Subtle blues, black accents, and silver trims work particularly well with mirrored furniture because it plays off that silvery quality in the reflective surfaces. Most mirrored furniture is already pretty silver looking and so it works well to blend into rooms with this color palette. Depending where on the spectrum you choose your blue color you could have a dark and broody room or a light, nursery-like, room.


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