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What Do Your Guests Notice First About Your Home?

Updated on September 20, 2011

So the holiday season is coming up. In just a few short weeks you will be scrambling to decorate your home. That is the easy part. You just hang up a few things and voila, you're done!
well, it's not that easy, but still...

What you will be doing even a couple of hours before your first guests arrive is making the final adjustments. Those adjustments are a toilet you forgot to clean, the fireplace that isn't ready, or the floor that has not yet been swept or mopped. It can be nerve wrecking to say the least.

Your guests will eventually notice a stain on your carpet, a piece of fuzz left on your tile or wood floor, and even the dust you forgot to wipe off your blinds. However, they will be quite forgiving if you make a first great impression.

We have five senses. The sense of sight, touch, hearing, tasting, and smell. The sense of smell is usually the most often forgotten because we take it for granted. Everyone worries about their sight and their hearing. The rest of the senses, are well, just there.

Your sense of smell though, is extremely important. You use it more than you can imagine, yet it's always in the background like some app running on your phone that you don't even notice being there. It is a sense that we use to identify our mothers when we are first born. It is the sense that we use to cling to the first human we see when we leave the womb and will grow to love for the rest of our lives. Ask any delivery doctor, they will tell you that it is extremely important for your baby to smell you first when he or she is born.

Your guests are like new born babies. Especially those that do not get to visit often. When they walk through your front door this Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's Eve or whatever the occasion may be, believe it or not, the first thing they will unknowingly notice is the smell of your home. They will notice the scent that your home is currently featuring.

Don't get nervous. I know you probably forgot to bathe the dog. I know I have. It's okay.

One thing that you can do is have a Scentsy Warmer in a place where it can easily be seen by your guests. They are beautiful and they will be a conversation starter. You will have your favorite scent melting in the bowl of the warmer as it gives off an aroma that your guests will absolutely love.

You will get compliments on how lovely your home smells and you will be able to tell your guests what it is that is making your home smell so wonderful. If you have more than one warmer, like a plug-in warmer for instance, it will make a great addition to the guest restroom that eventually every guest of yours will have to use.

There, if you choose, you can have a different scent melting and making your guests love every second of it. No one likes a stinky restroom, and by gosh, yours will not be that stinky restroom.

After your guests have left, you may want to change the scent by pouring the melted wax back into it's original container, and choose something else to help you relax. That is the great advantage of Scentsy. There are over 80 different fragrances to choose from and you can own them all if you wish.

Each Scentsy bar lasts 3 times longer than a traditional pillar candle and costs three times less. They are reusable and easy to store. Please visit the True Wickless website (Link below) to see the entire selection of warmers, fragrances, perfumes and even scented plush toys.


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