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Sisal Rug Care

Updated on August 15, 2012

What Everybody Ought To Know - About Sisal Rug Care

What Everybody Ought To Know - About Sisal Rug Care - please read this before you get the carpet cleaner out on your Sisal Rug to avoid disaster!

It is possible to keep your sisal rug looking great and last longer by just treating properly and with love!

Sisal Rug Care

Starting Point Of Care

Congratulations on the purchase of your Sisal Rug. The next important thing you need to do is to know how to care for your new Sisal Rug.

This process starts from the day your Sisal Rug arrives home. When your rug is delivered make sure the rug has not sustained any damage during shipping. This is common sense as with all delivered purchases, check the packaging for signs of being ripped which may have harmed your Sisal rug.

If you are satisfied that the packaging is all in order you can now remove your Sisal rug from the packaging. Your Sisal Rug should be rolled with the face on the inside. You will need to unroll it and then re-roll it in the opposite direction - that is with the face of the Sisal rug on the outside of the roll.

As Sisal Rugs are of a natural fiber it is best to leave the rerolled rug in your chosen room for 24 hours. This will allow the fibers to adjust to the humidity and temperature of the room. After this time you can then unroll your Sisal Rug.

Routine Maintainence for Your Sisal Rug

Regular attention to the care of your Sisal rug will ensure its quality and durability. Vacuuming often will remove dirt and particles from in-between the fibers. The presence of these particles within the fibers of your Sisal Rug will cause additional wear and reduce the life of your rug. A vacuum cleaner with a brushbar is recommended as this loosens the dirt effectively. Vacuum your Sisal Rug from different directions and make several passes of the area.

When vacuuming a Sisal Rug with a bound edge take special care. Avoid the vacuum sit on the binding or catch a corner of the Sisal Rug as this could damage the binding.

Safe Cleaning for your Sisal Rug

Spills and Dollops!

You MUST treat all spills immediately! Even water will stain your Sisal Rug. If you have been vacuuming your Sisal rug regularly this will reduce the effect of the spill. The best way to deal with a spill is to blot it with some kitchen paper. NEVER be tempted to rub the spill mark - you will only end up spreading the liquid further through the fibers of your Sisal Rug and making the stain bigger and more apparent.

Areas where solid matter has landed again need speedy treatment. You will need to remove as much of it by scraping it off with a knife or similar -nothing sharp or pointed - you do not want to push matter further into the fibers of your Sisal Rug.

Stains such as beer, blood, butter, chocolate, coffee, cola, cream. general dirt, eggs, excreta, fruit, greasy food, ice cream, juice, lipstick, liquor, water-based paint, urine, vomit can be treated with the following method.

Mop up spill straight away using a white paper towel.

Brush the area with small amounts of detergent or carpet shampoo and lukewarm water. Make sure the cleaner has a neutral pH factor.

Repeat this and then dry the Sisal Rug quickly, as with a hair dryer.

For asphalt, colored chalk, cosmetics, fresh oil, oil-based paint, shoe polish, soot.

Scrape up cautiously as much of the stain as possible, using a dull knife or nail file. Soot should be vacuumed up.

Dampen a clean, un-dyed white cloth with a small amount of dry cleaning fluid. Tetra and petroleum solvents may be used. Blot up the stain. Check to see if solvent is dissolving the substance. Work towards the center of the stain and don't use too much solvent to avoid spreading the stain. Repeat.

Dry the Sisal Rug quickly, as with a hair dryer.

If you have tried the above methods and the stain is still there then you may need to try a dry carpet cleaner agent. Complete stain removal cannot be guaranteed dry cleaning seems to be the most effective method for cleaning your natural Sisal rug. It comes in the form of a very absorbent powder which is moistened with water, small amount of solvent and detergent. By sponging the cleaner onto the soiled area this action dissolves and ultimately absorbs the spill and then it can be vacuumed.

Please Note - you must NEVER use a steam cleaner of wet shampoo for your Sisal rug.

Mold and Mildew Against Sisal Rug Care

Prevention is Better Than Cure

As you know your Sisal rug is made from natural fibers and when exposed to different levels of humidity can encourage the growth of mildew and mold. It is important that you place your Sisal rug in the appropriate location away from damp areas of levels of high humidity such as bathrooms. Mold and mildew is not easy to remove once it has devloped onto your Sisal rug. Dry cleaning may the only way to reduce it.

Using a protectant on your Sisal Rug For Sisal Rug Care

Using a protectant for your Sisal rug is recommended. By using a protectant it decreases the absorbency of your Sisal Rug and lengthen the time between cleaning. You Sisal Rug will be able to repels water and resist most all cold liquid spills.

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