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What I Wish I Had Known Before Buying a French Door Refrigerator With Drawer

Updated on September 5, 2018
JenniferRoswell profile image

Jennifer is a YouTube vlogger and shares her organization tips, recipes, and family vlogs on her channel. (See her profile on Hubpages)

Decisions, Decisions....and MORE Decisions

When you've decided it's time to pull the trigger and purchase a new refrigerator, you may be like me and find that it's not that simple. Sure men folk seem to have no problem making a purchase since they generally just need a box to keep their food and drinks I right? But for us women and especially us mothers it is a whole other thing entirely. There are certain things to consider such as cost, size, color, style, and the type of organization it provides inside.

For me it was mostly the organization that I was looking for and trying to picture how our items would look in each fridge I looked at. I have rented a fridge in the past that would not even let the cap from a gallon of milk clear the top of the shelf without me having to tilt the milk jug backwards to make it fit since there was a built in bar attached to the shelf above it. Not only that but the adjustable shelves were not that adjustable to let me raise it high enough. So that meant our pitcher of tea would not fit either. So it's very important to get it right the first time before investing a lot of money on a refrigerator you will not be happy with later on.

Styles: French Door, Side by Side, Freezer on the Bottom....Oh look a Multi Function Drawer!

In this article I am comparing the French Door models with the Side by Side models. I have had both. Both are great and both have their drawbacks.

I must say that the Side by Side models seem to have more room, but the drawback for me was that the freezer was too small to fit frozen pizza boxes.

However, the French Door fridge loses space up top due to the fact that the ice maker takes up a lot of space. There are some models that have the ice maker located in the freezer drawer. I had a rented model like that also and it had issues with loose ice ending up behind the ice maker and randomly falling into the drawer beside the ice bin. (See pics at the end of this article)

The newest models have a cool multi function drawer with different temperature settings that allow it to be used as a freezer drawer or even a deli drawer.

Pros and Cons of that "other" Drawer

I won't lie, the main reason I chose my refrigerator ended up being because I was drawn to that separate drawer. I mean how cool is that!


- You can put kids drinks and snacks in it that will be at their level to reach in and grab for themselves without having to open the doors and letting that precious cold air out. I put in yogurt, cheese, juice boxes, mine and my husbands drinks, sandwich meats, etc.

- You can use it as an extension of your freezer and store frozen pizza boxes and other overflow such as a good deal on meats.


- The drawer that my model has includes a divider that moves and adjusts which allows you to customize different sections for the items inside but unless you use a tray or organizational bin inside the drawer, your items will shift around and make it an unorganized mess, especially when you start having dead space in there as items are used up.

- The outside is harder to clean with the drawer handles if you have stainless steel. Fingerprints are a daily issue with little handprints all over the the doors and the drawers as well. Yikes!

Long story short, I wish now that had not chosen the refrigerator based on that "Multi Function" drawer. Cleaning and organizing that space is a more constant thing than I ever imagined it to be. If....and I mean if there's a next time that I purchase a new refrigerator in the future, I will be sure to write down a list of all my pros and cons and bring it with me along with an empty gallon jug to make sure my "big" things fit where I may want to store them.

I hope by reading my article you have gained some insight on what is involved when you too decide that it's time for a new refrigerator. Thanks for reading. :)

"Our NEW Maytag Refrigerator + Organization" Vlog

Dollar Tree Haul that led to Fridge and Bath Toy Organization Vlog

© 2018 Jennifer Roswell Davis


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    • despinadesign profile image

      Debbie Anastassiou 

      21 months ago from Perth Western Australia

      Helpful article.Thanks for sharing your experience.


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