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What Is A Zero-Gravity Chair or Antigravity Chair?

Updated on November 17, 2015

You may have heard of a so-called zero-gravity chair or antigravity chair and wondered what it is. Surely a simple chair can’t really defy gravity, so what’s the point of one of these chairs? And could one help you in any way?

If you have pain in your joints, trouble sleeping or simply find some traditional chairs uncomfortable, a zero-gravity chair could be for you.

Simply put, an antigravity chair allows you to position yourself so that you place the least amount of pressure possible on sore joints, making you more comfortable than you are in a regular chair.

They’re called zero-gravity chairs or anti-gravity chairs for two reasons: First, the position in which most of these chairs place your body -- reclined with your feet up -- is similar to the position in which astronauts are placed to go into space. Second, because these chairs remove pressure from joints where you usually feel pressure from gravity, they can actually make you feel almost weightless.

The Idea Behind An Antigravity Chair

It all makes sense when you think about it.

Astronauts are subjected to massive changes in gravity as they enter and exit space. These jolts could cause them injuries, but the chairs in which they sit are specially designed to minimize the impact. Blood flow is also an issue in space, and the reclined position of their seats helps keep blood moving.

Sitting with your legs in an elevated position slightly above your heart allows blood to circulate better and can even help decrease the chances of developing varicose veins and other vessel disorders if done regularly. It also keeps blood from pooling in your legs, causing swelling and other circulatory issues.

To get an idea how comfortable an antigravity chair can be, lay down on a bed and put some pillows under your knees. If you feel an immediate reduction is joint stress and greater comfort in your legs, an antigravity chair could be for you. Remember that when laying on a bed you are still placing stress on your back and hips, but the chair can also reduce pain in those areas.

An Inexpensive Zero-Gravity Chair To Try

Some zero-gravity chairs cost thousands. They’re relatively simple device, however, and don’t have to cost that much. In fact, some companies have developed patio chairs designed to reduce stress on joints and improve comfort in the same way that these expensive chairs do.

One great example that’s available at a very reasonable price is the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair, available online from Amazon. This sturdy steel chair easily folds and can be carried from room to room or place to place.

While the Strathwood Basic is intended for outdoor use on a patio or deck, it looks and feels good enough to use in a living room or other indoor space where you find the chairs uncomfortable. If you take care of the chair and don’t leave it out in the elements, it can last for years. Just be sure you observe its 250-pound weight limit.

A Final Thought

Investing thousands in an expensive antigravity chair hoping it might be useful to you just doesn’t make sense. Starting with an inexpensive folding version is an intelligent idea, however.

You can decide for yourself how well you like this type of chair, then decide if you’re completely satisfied with the inexpensive model or prefer to try something more expensive.

Either way, the Caravan zero gravity chair is a chair that will serve you and your family well for years -- a chair based on smart thinking about how to reduce pressure points and make you more comfortable.


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