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Organic Gardening Hints & Tips

Updated on November 3, 2012

Hints and Tips

Get a soil test. Go to for a state by state listing of soil test services in your area. Also, try contacting the local cooperative extension service.

Grow a cover crop (aka "green manure") It will increase organic matter and crowd out weeds. I recommend planting rye. Either plant in spring or fall. Turn under 3-4 weeks before planting your next crop. Rye has a seed germination inhibiting action.

Attract birds to your garden by planting sunflowers, black-eyed susan, purple coneflower (echinacea), cosmos, aster, and purple majesty millet.

Sort seeds out into three piles: pile one- seeds that can be planted outside, pile two- seeds that will need 6-8 weeks indoors before transplanting, and pile three- seeds that will need A month or less indoors before transplanting.

Transplant at the same depth from one pot to another or into the garden- except tomatoes, which you want to plant much deeper. Pull off the tomato plant's lower leaves and bury most of the stem. It will grow more roots for a sturdier more productive plant.

Grow beans in your garden. They are green, yellow or purple. And have two different growth habits: bush or pole.

Save seed from your best plants and grow them the next year. visit a website:


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