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What Is That Round Disc Cap on Waterless Sloan Urinal Cartridge?

Updated on June 19, 2013
Pointing to That Circular Disc On Cartridge
Pointing to That Circular Disc On Cartridge

That Circular Urinal Cap ... What Is It

This is a post I never thought I'd be writing but I was so stumped on this one I figured someone else on Earth might want to learn the answer too.

There are these circular caps that fit into a Sloan water free urinal cartridge. I noticed the stem of the cap that connects the cap to the cartridge broke and they are no longer connected. This cap or disc is basically just laying loose over the drain. I ordered more Sloan cartridge replacement kits (the WES 150 ) but when the cartridges arrived I noticed that this round, Frisbee shaped cap on top was not included with the shipment. Apparently these don't come with the waterless urinal cartridge kits.

So, I tried searching local plumbing supply shops, industrial supply sites, Ebay, Amazon, etc and I could not find these mysterious flying saucer shaped discs that act as a cap on top of the Sloan

So..."Where can I that disc on top of waterless urinal cartridges" This is certainly a bathroom question I have not asked myself before. If you still aren't sure what I'm talking about, here's more of an explanation; If you have a Sloan waterless urinal system in your men's room bathroom, you'll see that the drain has a round, kind of cylinder shaped cartridge inside it. Many systems also have a round disk on top that hides or covers the cartridge. That Frisbee looking disk on top of the Sloan urinal cartridge does not come with the cartridge when you buy it. It is a separate piece. In other words, every time you replace your waterless urinal cartridge, you need to pull this disc out of the cartridge and put it into the new one.

So What is This Disc called?

What is the Cap Called On Sloane Cartridge?

I struggled to find the name of this device on the Internet so I contacted Sloan to get the name of this product. This is disc is officially called a "diverter"

The disc (aka "Diverter") broken off and 'floating' above cartridge. Time to buy a new one? It might be tough.....
The disc (aka "Diverter") broken off and 'floating' above cartridge. Time to buy a new one? It might be tough.....

What Does The Diverter Do?

If you look at a Sloan waterless urinal without the diverter on it, there is a hole in the top of it that lets liquids run through it and down the drain. The only thing you want going down this hole is low viscosity liquids (ie urine) and not anything heavier or even worse, solids that might plug up the cartridge or drain. People pour or throw the strangest things into the commode and the diverter protects against this.

What Else Does The Diverter Do?

Well, honestly, the representative I spoke to at Sloan did not state this but I have to think the diverter has another purpose. When you replace a Sloan water free cartridge you fill the hole in the top of the cartridge with this thick colored (blue typically) stuff called sealant and the diverter then fits into that hole. I think that the diverter also helps keep the sealant in the hole by preventing any stream (urine flow) from knocking sealant out of the drain.

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Where Can I Buy That Diverter for my Sloane Cartridge

Well, apparently, as of the date this post was published, you can not buy that round, Frisbee, circular disc diverter that fits into the water free urinal cartridge. According to the Sloan technical support person I spoke with, the diverter is no longer made by the manufacturer ( Falcon )any more so you can't buy it. I actually looked on Ebay and Amazon, etc for the diverter and could not find it.

So What Do I Do to Replace it?

Actually there isn't anything you can do. Sloan told me though that the cartridges are still made but without the diverter covering it. There is no need for the diverter anymore. They now make the hole in the cartridge small enough that larger, unwanted objects can not flow down the drain.

My only thought on this is that stream will still knock the sealant out but I guess if that happens it will just flow into the bowl and back into the hole. I guess time will tell.

I think the diverter also gives the bottom of the bowl a little more of a finished, better look to it, but, what the heck, in the end it's just a toilet so no big deal.

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Installing Brand New Cartridge in Sloan Urinal

If you are not sure how to install a new waterless urinal cartridge in your Sloan urinal, you are in luck (at least I hope you are) I wrote a post that give step by step detail on how to replace your WES 150 or WES 155 (as well as other) cartridges.

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Location of Sloan Corporate Headquarters

A markerWhere It All Happens at Sloan Valve -
10500 Seymour Avenue, Franklin Park, IL 60131, USA
get directions

If you really want to know, wildman that you are, here is the location of Sloane headquarters in Illinois, USA.

I feel like I have to use the bathroom after writing this article. Men's room anyone?
I feel like I have to use the bathroom after writing this article. Men's room anyone?

Hope This Troubleshoots Your Toilet OK

The moral of the story is that if you can't find that cap for your waterfree urinal cartridge, don't sweat it. You don't need it anymore according the very nice Sloan rep I spoke to (actually, he wasn't all that nice but I suppose bathroom accessories can be a tough business just like any other)

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