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What Is Your Kitchen Missing in 2015?

Updated on November 18, 2014

The Natural Look

Throughout 2014 trade shows, there was a very clear inclusion of natural materials in the kitchen, with wood and stone taking center stage. Wood kitchens, even in a dark color, provide a stylish and comfortable feel while also ensuring the desired softness and warmth remains.

One of the great things about wood is its almost limitless design applications; you could pair a high-gloss matte lacquer with a rough-cut kitchen veneer, for example. Stone kitchen doors are also popular; they are surprisingly thin but strong, the coarse texture is gorgeous to look at, and touching them is irresistible.

Concrete Benchtops

Concrete has long been erroneously dismissed as a common surface, which has allowed us to completely overlook its ability to provide the perfect kitchen benchtop. Along with the cool industrial feel of concrete, it provides a practical hard surface that doesn’t age, chip, or scratch. Additionally, concrete is relatively inexpensive to install, and you can brighten things up with a colored concrete design.


Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Wood color design is all over the kitchen these days, with oak the most popular choice for kitchen cabinets. Pale and warm honey-toned woods are also popular with modern designers. Cherry wood is the Number 1 choice in urban environments, as it helps provide a natural feel in a home surrounded by the big city. It feels nice to be able to retreat and relax in your own little world after a hard day at the office.



Perhaps your kitchen is too cluttered and you would prefer something a little simpler. If so, you may want to join the minimalist kitchen movement, which promotes limited colors, flat planes, and simplistic styles. It is also possible to have a minimalist design while still maintaining a traditional look.

Adding Space

A common complaint about the modern kitchen (or any room in the house!) is a lack of space. Modern living involves many more possessions than in previous generations, but we have no room to store them all. If this perfectly describes your kitchen, you need a design plan that utilizes every single square inch of space. Top cupboards are now being built right to the ceiling, and brackets are being added to the inside of cabinets in order to hang kitchen utensils. The trick here is to design your kitchen to be practical without taking on the appearance of untidiness.

Your Perfect Kitchen

If you have a clear idea of the perfect kitchen in your mind, making this dream a reality could be easier and less expensive than you realize. With modern design techniques and innovations from Finishers Unlimited, you can discover what your kitchen is missing and rectify the situation.

Kitchen Design Popularity

Which of the Design Trends Do You Think Will Be the Most Prominent?

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