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What Kind of Bedrest Pillow is The Right for You?

Updated on May 22, 2013

There are so many bedrest pillows on the market that one can easily get lost deciding which one to buy. When choosing your pillow, you should not only concentrate on its functionality, but also consider that bedrests are a great decorative item for your bedroom.

Almost every one of them can be grouped into seven main categories based on its price, features or design. After I did some research and got a little bit of inspiration from Roger Hargreaves and his book series “Mr. Men and Little Miss,” I came up with the following few categories to help you navigate through the sea of bedrest pillow options out there:

1. Mr. Sporty , or the sports fan bedrest pillow:

If you are obsessed with your favorite sports team and you would like to make your love and support noticeable in every corner of your house, a bedrest with the colors and the logo of your favorite team is a must. Plus, if you’ve already got the navy and orange curtains, the matching blanket and pajamas from their fan store, you have no choice but to go with the flow. Amazon and Google Shopping are great places to look for a Mr. Sporty and, of course, your team’s online fan store (that you probably already frequent).

2. Mr. Cheap, or the cheapest bedrest pillow on the market:

If money is your decision-making factor, you will be relieved to know that you can find a bedrest pillow for under $20. I personally think these kinds of bedrest pillows give you only what you pay for, but it is still a better option than using regular pillows. Things to keep in mind: they don't have removable and washable covers; armrests are short, and there is no headrest. Based on the Amazon reviews they usually don't last very long, but with the price you can buy a few. Here is the cheapest bedrest pillow that I found online: Arlee Micro Plush Bedrest Lounger for $16.96. But be aware that this is the price only for the black color model.


3. Mr. Luxe, or the top-of-the-line bedrest pillow:

There aren’t that many all-in-one bedrest pillows out there. The BedLounge bed rest pillow is the top of the line. You cannot ask for much more from a bedrest pillow. This one coves it all: upper and lower back support, comfort, and adjustability. This bedrest pillow screams quality even before you try it. The BedLounge is more like a piece of furniture than a bed accessory. Sleek design, headrest, upper and lower back support, and full-length armrests are guaranteed to take your lounging experience to the next level. The BedLounge has inner frame, which is flexible, making lounging in different positions possible. It also has a removable and washable cover available in different colors to match any bedroom interior.


4. Mr. Bold, or the colorful bedrest pillow:

If you have teens in the house or an inner child that takes over your shopping decisions, these bright-colored bedrest pillows are the perfect choice for you. There are bedrests with polka dot covers, electric pink covers, fuzzy green covers, and a personalized appliqué. You name it, it is out there. Potterybarn is a good site to find Mr. Bold. However, you need to be careful when you purchase a bedrest from this store because the covers and the inserts are sold separately. And you definitely need the insert because, as you know, it is not all about the looks… especially in the case of your comfort.

5. Mr. Cartoon, or the animation character bedrest pillow:

These bedrest pillows are perfect for toddlers and younger kids. I would hardly believe that any adult would purchase them for themselves. Not that they wouldn’t want to, but because they are too small in size for most adults to fit in them. Otherwise, who wouldn’t like a “Hello Kitty” pillow!?!

The few cons that I see is that covers are not removable and washable, your child most likely outgrow either the pillow or his fascination with Batman quite fast.

Walmart is the place to start on your search for a bedrest pillow with your kid’s favorite cartoon character.

6. Mr. Nerd, or the college logo bedrest pillow:

Support your school and support your back. What a wonderful idea! Alumni or current student, a college bedrest pillow is a nice token from your alma mater. Plus, let’s admit it: you are probably quite proud of yourself (and you should be), so a little show-off is totally allowed.

It is also a great space-saver item and a must-have dorm item for studying or watching TV in your dorm. It allows you to sit comfortably in bed and study or work on your computer. And you can always use the extra "seat" for when you are having a little study group gathering.

Amazon is a good place to purchase these bedrests.


7. Mr. Gadget, or the multifunctional bedrest pillow:

If you are into gadgets there are a few bedrest pillows that are purposefully designed for people like you. There are bedrest pillows with built-in massagers, a reading light (Nap™ Massaging Bed Rest), cup holders, and built-in speakers (Ace Bayou). I think some of the gadgets could be handy (especially the reading light and the side pockets), but most of them don’t do the “multitasking” very well.

Brookstone is the place to look for Mr. Gadget.

If Mr. Nerdy and Mr. Sporty are still fighting for a spot on your bed, remember: in most cases you can easily return your bedrest pillow and get another one. Don’t you wish that was the case in all areas of your life?


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