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What Private House Sales Websites Can Do For You

Updated on July 15, 2011

People save money, buy and sell property and stay abreast of current developments with private house sales websites. These popular sites allow buyers and sellers to freely exchange information without going through third-party people like real estate agents. In addition, curious neighbors learn who is moving and the current value of houses on the block. These handy websites put shopping for and selling homes under the direct control of the people doing these activities.

How Buyers Use These Websites
Buyers looking for a home or thinking of looking for a home gather information as much as six months before they plan to buy. These people know that buying a home is a wise, long-term financial investment and protection against annual rent increases. Soon-to-be former renters can hardly wait to choose new paint colors for the walls and new carpeting for the floors. They know that buying homes directly from sellers is cheaper because real estate agents are not involved and do not get paid. Smart buyers look on private house sales websites for their next home.

To find out what it is like to live in the house, the neighborhood, the city or even the state, buyers like to talk to the sellers. Being able to ask homeowners about utility cost, real estate taxes, school districts and shopping provides information these home buyers need to make a decision. Many of these potential homeowners want to know what the sellers like most about living in that location.

How Sellers Use These Internet Sites
Sellers want or need to get the property sold, collect money and move to a different location. They know the more exposure the house has to buyers, the faster the homes sell. Sellers are good in math and know they can reduce the price if they sell it themselves and save the real estate commission. By reducing the price several thousand dollars, more buyers will look at the home so sellers use these websites to get the house sold quickly. When homeowners meet buyers in person, they can judge how interested the viewers are in the property and if their offers are serious.

Curious Neighbors Stay Informed
By knowing who is moving and the current real estate values, neighbors satisfied their curiosity and more. Many neighbors have family and friends looking for another home. When these people from the neighborhood bring a potential new home owner to look at a house, sellers can relax. The neighbor has already sold the people on the area; all the seller has to do is sell the people on the dwelling.

Using private house sales websites facilitates real estate transactions. People looking for homes use the Internet to find houses they want to buy. Because sellers know buyers are looking in these places, people wanting to sell put pictures and descriptions of their real estate on these websites. When the two parties meet and talk, the real estate transfer goes smoothly. In addition, everyone saves money as fewer people are involved and paid when the ownership of the home transfers from one person to another.


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    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      It would have been good to have a links section at the bottom of this hub listing out a few of the websites to which you refer in your hub.