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What You Need to Know About Garage Door Openers?

Updated on October 8, 2016
Garage Door Opener
Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are ideal especially if you are tired of having to get out of your car every time you need to open the garage doors. This is ideal during those snowy days when the car is so warm and you do not want to suffer the agonizing cold.

Garage door openers come in different types and designs. In case you are shopping for one, it will be wise to know exactly what you are looking for. These are affected by various factors. These include safety, speed and preference.

Safety will refer to the precautions that come with using the garage door opener. Your children and other youngsters are culprits on this with constant rushing in and out of garages. Your installation will also need to be secure and controlled only by the owners. This means keeping the codes to a keypad if one is installed safe as the garage is easy access to the rest of the house. The speed determines how fast you will want to access your garage when in a hurry.

There are simple garage openers and those that come a little bit more complicated. These will come with a multi-control feature and a remote with more use buttons. The noise level of the garage can also be controlled by the kind of opener you decide to use. If you have your office of baby's bedroom just above the garage, you will want a very quite garage door.

Types of Garage Door Openers

There are different types of garage door openers. These will give you a good idea as to what you may be looking for. These will range from use, functionality, convenience and operation.

There are three types of garage door openers.

Chain drive garage door opener
These are more noisy but lesser costly that the other garage door openers. These come with a chain connected to a trolley that pulls the garage door open. It is ideal if you do not mind the noise and are not in a hurry. They are the most common garage door openers due to the cost factor.

The rubber belt Drive garage door openers
These are the most ideal when it comes to noise reduction. The wires are covered with rubber which reduces friction and also muffles the noise that comes with opening the garage door. These doors are very costly but more advantageous if you are looking for effectiveness and efficiency. They will also come with more features like multi-control.

Screw drive garage door openers
These door openers will operate similarly to the chain drive but are less noisy. They are a compromise of the other two in price and function.

Garage Door Openers Features

Garage door openers come with some vital features that make them well versed for these operations. These features need to be looked at when purchasing them for installation.

The manual emergency release option allows the owner to control the door manually. This is ideal in case of power failure or jamming. This solution makes the doors multi operational.

The speed of the garage doors can be controlled depending on the type of garage door you have installed. There are state of the art garage doors that allow you to control the speed using the remote saving on time.

The motors that run on DC are apparently more effective and less noisy that the AC ones.

The force guard control allows you to choose what effort or the amount of force need to fully get the door closed or open.

The vacation option allows you to disconnect the garage door opener to the transmitter while you are away. This safety feature is perfect for security reasons.

Garage openers will undoubtedly make life easier when it comes to accessing your garage. Picking the best with the knowledge of operations and convenience will without doubt give you a better service from them. Installation needs to be done professionally unless you have good knowledge of the same.


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