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What You Should NOT Monogram

Updated on September 26, 2012

Old Hand-Sewn Monogrammed Linens

Lovely old linens on eBay.
Lovely old linens on eBay. | Source

If It's Not Nailed Down, Monogram It?

Monogramming in the South has always been the sign of class. In the beginning, linens were sent out to accomplished embroiderers in the community and hand-done. Today, there are still a few who purposely collect old monogrammed linens.

Over time, advancements in sewing machines grew by leaps and bounds. Many enterprising stay at home moms in the 1990s opened up shops to monogram items, making it available to the masses. Today, there are many who operate machines in their homes, making monograms fairly inexpensive. The result is anything that isn't nailed down can be monogrammed. However, there are things that should be an exception!

Cars Shouldn't Be Monogrammed.

Don't monogram car windows!
Don't monogram car windows!


I first saw this in the 80's at the height of the gold gilt painting of initials under the door handle. It was tacky then. Then it morphed into lazer cut stickers you put on the back of the car. You can actually get whatever type font you desire: script, block,etc. At first, it seemed cute. Melding perfectly with the other trend of the family member stickers ( that I can't stand either), I can see how this trend would overrun the South. It seems to be the realm of young teens and college-aged girls mostly. I see some soccer moms with them,too. Cars shouldn't be monogrammed!

Hats Shouldn't Be Monogrammed!


Hats shouldn't be monogrammed. This floppy hat style is particularly atrocious. What is most often done for women is a baseball-style cap. Nothing is exempt from this rule. If it's a hat, don't monogram it!

DON'T Monogram Your Mani-Pedi

Manicures & Pedicures

This is a trend that should be short-lived, it is hoped, due to the difficulty of painting small cursive letters on nails. This is just flat-out tacky. With the advent of stick-on letters, though, I think we will see this trend continue.

What Should Be Monogrammed?

What should be monogrammed? I think it's become out of hand in the South. I say, stick to what was once monogrammed long ago. Towels and linens. Lovely silver picture frames. Cigarette cases. Cuff links.

I think children's clothing has gotten out of hand as well. Does your two year old actually want his/her monogram on their shirt? I think not, but a cute applique' with their entire first name might be more appropriate. However, in this day and age, it is really unsafe to put your child's name on anything. Consider just sticking with it for Sunday church clothes, not playclothes.

Personalization is a trend that has even been noted by the industrial industry, with many things being manufactured with a single initial. Everything can be monogrammed that isn't nailed to the ground so therefore it is. When things become mass-produced, history shows that there is a longing to return to old handicrafts. By following time-honored traditions, you can't go wrong.


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