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What about Soy Candles?

Updated on May 20, 2016

Are you getting married and want to use candles in your wedding? Chances are, the answer is, yes. After all, what is a wedding without candles! However, if you walk into nearly any store – be it a big box store or a local vendor – it is likely that there are so many different candles available it can be overwhelming. Then add in features such as shapes, scents, types of wax and then the price for the quantity you need and it can become nearly distressing!

If this feels familiar, then you are not alone? In fact, the question of “what type of candles” for any event seems to get more involved with every passing year. No more is a candle, merely wax with a wick. Today, there is the familiar option of paraffin, as well as soy candles, gel wax, cream wax, palm wax, bayberry wax, and a plethora of other natural – and perhaps not to natural- elements, and each of them have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

So, before making a purchase, take a few minutes to learn a bit about some of the more common types of candles found on stores like Hallmark, Ollies, and Davlins Woods.

Paraffin was the undisputed wax for candles for many years, and is still used by many candle companies today. It is inexpensive, easily dyed, and can be tweaked with all sorts of additives from scent to glitter to give candles a customized designed. It is perfect for selecting candles that you want especially for decorative elements, so it is often used for unity candles.

Cream or Gel Wax candles are basically a form of paraffin and oil, and is most often used in jar candles. It is typically clear, or very lightly tinted, making candles from this substance perfect for banquets or special occasions.

Soy wax candles are those made from the oils of the hydrogenated soybean. Being a totally natural product they are quickly becoming a favorite for candle makers and lovers alike as they are the most inexpensive candles available. Better yet, soybean oil is biodegradable, generally an American made product, and should the candle get spilled, its wax is easy to clean up. And, if you are looking for a candle that is mildly scented, and more muted in color soy is a great choice as it doesn’t grab on to scents or hold bright hues as easily as paraffin based candles. In fact, they are perfect for occasions when you want a lot of candles but want to keep costs low.

Having a basic understanding of the various candles, can help you better choose the perfect ones for any occasion – from anniversaries to weddings. You don’t have to be stressed out by candles. They are beautiful and relaxing. Pick out a few favorites today.

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of soy candles. One such site worth visiting is

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